How to trim Tik Tok video: all the ways

How to trim Tik Tok video is a question that interests every new and advanced user of the social network. It is important to know how such an operation is carried out. This allows for easy content management. This makes the resource automatically understandable. The article provides information on how to trim clips. What are the benefits you can get from this operation.

How to trim a video in Tik Tok?

Before describing the features of this manipulation, you should know that the video shot in the program cannot be cropped. the only thing that can be done is to indicate the time on the timer when the next piece of content should start.

If you need to decide how to crop a video in TikTok, the user must perform the following manipulations:

  1. The create post option is clicked.
  2. The first half is recorded by clicking on the checkmark.
  3. The second part is removed by clicking on the flag with a cross.
  4. The last video is removed.
  5. This action should be confirmed.

You can adjust the clip time using the built-in timer. This slider marks the beginning and end of the recording. Shooting starts and ends at the time set by the timer.

You can easily crop content that was previously loaded from the phone gallery. To do this, you need to click on the option to create a publication. Select the word Gallery. The video to be loaded is selected. Attention will be presented two marks and a section Cropping. The required content time should be specified here. After doing this, you can decorate the video with filters, effects or third-party music files.

How to trim the end of a video in TikTok?

This is standard video editing. To trim part of the video, its end, you will have to act through special buttons. With their help, you can select the desired composition, adjust the volume and cut. To achieve the last goal, you will need to follow these instructions:

  • The option with the plus shown is pressed. It opens the recording menu;
  • As soon as shooting starts, you need to activate the red circle in the middle;
  • To pause, click on the recording icon. Such manipulations should be carried out as many times as required.

At the end of the operation, the user receives the individual parts. Each has a red button in TikTok. Additionally, another one will appear, marked with a small cross. If you click on it, you can delete the last segment. Each such operation must be confirmed.

Once the clip is ready, it can be placed on the page. Further, it is allowed to share content on other social networks. We recommend using visual effects to ensure your videos are popular. The more thoroughly the processing is carried out, the larger the audience will be able to attract.

Summing it up

This tik tok application for creating videos is simple. This is a 2019 masterpiece. It is easy to use for people of all ages. The built-in functionality will be enough to create an attractive video. You need to show imagination, creativity.

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