How to unlink Instagram account from facebook

Those who actively use social networks often wonder how to unlink an instagram account from facebook. Synchronization of the two platforms has recently become mandatory. Business profiles must follow this procedure in order to enjoy advertising privileges and develop a profile.

Sometimes it is difficult to disable the insta. Many are simple, or the account is blocked for some reason. Many users are simply confused about their profiles. You can even do this from your phone. In this article we will look at detailed instructions for disconnecting one account from another. And also what to do if access is denied.

Sometimes you need to disconnect your page from Facebook when you no longer need to sync or want to link another. To do this from your phone, you need:

  1. Open application;
  2. Three horizontal stripes at the top;
  3. A menu will open where you need to select “Settings”;
  4. Next in the list, tap “Account”;
  5. Item “Related”;
  6. The name of the linked account will be indicated, which you need to tap;
  7. A menu will open. Click on the gray button at the bottom where it says “Unlink”;
  8. Confirm action;
  9. Done! The issue of how to unlink an Instagram account from Facebook has been resolved.

If you want to disable your ad profile completely, visit the site through a browser. There it is necessary and click on the cross in front of it. A window will open where you need to select “Delete”. Another account can be linked in a few days.

If you can’t access Facebook

If you lost access to Facebook, restore it. If you have forgotten your password, try changing it or remembering it using the linked phone number or email. When it is impossible to remember the login, use the search on the site. Perhaps this will help.

If you still can’t log into your Facebook account, you need to send a request for recovery. This method is quite laborious, but there is no other way out. You will not be able to disconnect your account without support from the support team.

To restore:

  1. Go to Facebook homepage;
  2. Go down to the bottom;
  3. Find the Navigation Bar and Help there;
  4. A window with answer options will open;
  5. Scroll down to find the phrase “Find out if it’s disabled …”;
  6. Expand the hidden text by tapping on the triangle;
  7. Click on the last phrase to submit your appeal;
  8. Enter all information in the appropriate fields. Also, be sure to attach documents for identification;
  9. Wait for a response from support.

When you regain access, use the instructions above to unlink Instagram from Facebook.

Some users would like to disable their personal profile, but they are locked out. To solve this problem, you can use the Ads Manager application. This method only works if the account is an advertising one.

  1. Run the application;
  2. Go to settings;
  3. Left “Pages”;
  4. Select the one you want and click on the gear icon opposite;
  5. Look for Instagram in the list;
  6. Tap on “Disconnect”.

In the event that the account is not a commercial one, you must write to the support service. You can also use the “Trusted persons” option or contact the administration for verification.

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