How to upload video on Tik Tok from computer

How to upload video to Tik Tok via computer. Any user of the popular social network who has only recently started actively using the application can have such a problem.

How to upload video to Tik Tok via computer

The next trend among young people today is Tik Tok. This social network is massively gaining fans today, adding several thousand users daily. TikTok has a rather unusual functionality, which is what attracts new users. The social network allows you to shoot short videos, save them and share them for everyone to see.

The problem of downloading video from PC to TikTok is far-fetched. To download videos online, you just need to follow certain steps. It’s easy to learn, you just need to practice.

So, we need to add a video to tiktok. Our actions:

  1. You need an emulator like Bluestacks or Nox to download. They are available for free on the respective services. Download the emulator program and install it on your PC.
  2. Open the Tik Tok application on the computer via the emulator. The rest of the steps are the same as when downloading a video from your phone.
  3. A menu will open at the bottom of the screen where you need to select the plus sign.
  4. Then select the download icon and select the appropriate video from the computer memory.
  5. If necessary, edit the material with various filters, add music, indicate hashtags, description and post it for viewing on a social network.

As a result, the video from the computer is successfully uploaded to the TikTok social network profile.

Basic ways

Instructions on how to upload a video to TikTok from a computer does not imply complex steps. Previously, such a download was possible only with the help of an emulator, but now the developers have introduced an update and now you can add videos directly from your computer without installing additional software or bootloaders. How to do it.

  1. You need to go to the Tik Tok page in your computer browser.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the video upload button.
  3. The system will send us an authorization page. You need to choose the appropriate option and enter the social network profile.
  4. The upload form will open. Here you can set parameters like title, who can view, comment on the video, etc.
  5. Drag the finished video to the download window and wait for it to be transferred to TikTok. After completing all the settings, click on the publish button. It is located at the bottom of the page.
  6. A window will open notifying of the successful upload of the video.

If you want to upload another video, click on the corresponding item and continue uploading the profile with content. In this simple way, you can upload any video clip to Tik Tok.

Why video won’t load in TikTok

Videos on TikTok may not be uploaded or uploaded. There are no special problems or specific reasons why the video does not load. The errors are the same as in other social networks:

  • bad internet connection;
  • non-compliance of the file with Tik Tok’s requirements or rules;
  • the download was blocked because the limit was exceeded;
  • problems with Tik Tok’s work – you need to regularly update the application and clear the cache to make the program work stable;
  • malfunctions in the operation of the device itself, such as bugs in the OS, to fix it, you need to restart the device or update the components of the operating system.

Using Tik Tok through a computer is convenient because the smartphone will not run out so quickly, and typing from the keyboard is much more convenient. A competent approach to the placement of video content will help to promote and promote the profile of any tiktoker.

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