How to use the f3 app on Instagram and its features

What is f3 – a question, get an answer that users of the social network need. If you want to learn something, but remain incognito, you should study the functional operations of the application. The article provides information on what this option is and how to use it correctly.

f3 cool app:what is this?

This is software for communicating with people and reposting content on a social network. The chat consists of elements such as:

  • Search;
  • Insta-style posts;
  • News feed;
  • Private messages.

In real time, the software repost content to stories. As soon as the person is added to the friends list, the asked questions will be visible.

You can interact with users when carrying out correspondence, affixing marks I like, in writing comments. To fully use the product, you should follow the rules:

  1. After adding a person to the list of friends, questions will be automatically displayed on the screen. You can correspond with them, leave comments.
  2. If the page has a URL, F3-Cool, click on the green tag to send the message.
  3. Asking questions is allowed in the allotted line and through stories on the social network.
  4. It is allowed to activate the hide username functions in the open chat.
  5. To add a recipient, click on Next, use the search bar.

The recipient can view the received questions through the option with the Lightning bolt icon. This button is present at the bottom of the panel.

What is this application for?

The solution to the question of how to use the f3 app on Instagram is necessary to quickly find out what users think of a person. Answers can be obtained on this network. The resulting clickable link is allowed to share with users and receive anonymous messages.

Written answers are saved for three days. They are automatically deleted. The page owner has the opportunity to improve the appearance of the content. Built-in filters and effects are used.

On the described service, it is allowed to share answers to questions received in stories from subscribers. To carry out this process, you must periodically share with users through the appropriate button next to the save icon. You can act through the selection of the appropriate settings, which are located at the top of the panel.

How to use f3 cool?

First you need to download the file. You should go to the official software store corresponding to the OS you are using. An option is activated in the application and will be shown in the news.

People are added whose content works and collects many likes. After activating the tag associated with the region of residence, you can send messages to people nearby.

F3 Features

Options like these correspond to the inherent benefits of the application. It is worth highlighting the main ones:

  1. To enter the software, you do not need to go through authorization every time.
  2. No profile input required to respond.
  3. It is possible to click on the program function – Remember me.
  4. The utility will provide instant access if needed.
  5. If the user decides to stop the page from functioning, the program will automatically save it for a year. During this time, there will be an opportunity to return the account.

The disadvantage of a program that allows you to ask and retrieve answers in an application in anonymous mode is that it does not check all previously registered pages. This leads to the fact that users have to deal with scammers, which are easy to understand.

At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that copyright rules do not apply in this place either. In the absence of compelling reasons, the stolen content on the Internet will not work.

Summing it up

Based on the information provided, it is clear that F3-Cool and Anonymous Questions are considered a useful informational product. It is popular with young people. This is not only a photo view, but a great opportunity to think about the real answers in the story, have fun with a friend and enjoy chatting with friends on Instagram chat.

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