How to enter Tik Tok via phone and computer without downloading

Entering Tik Tok without downloading the application may be needed by young people in their attempts to quickly join the community of participants. People tend to share content, post musical compositions, stream videos.

The software runs on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. And with the help of special emulators, it becomes possible to use a social network on a computer.

How to sign in to Tik Tok without downloading

However, PC authorization will not work without downloading the software. Developers have not yet implemented a full online version of Tik Tok. Therefore, users have to be content with waiting for installation and configuring ready-made applications.

Attention! Do not send money for login without downloading the utility.

The service is freely available regardless of the gadgets on which it is used and the need to download. Calls to pay for a free program are outside the law. Therefore, calmly ignore the “instructions” of unscrupulous entities to collect funds.

Via phone

Using TikTok by entering through the phone without downloading is achieved, for example, at the expense of the Insta client:

  • go to the client;
  • tap the silhouette of the man;
  • tap on Instagram in the list of popular products;
  • will automatically redirect to Instagram;
  • type registration information from the photo hosting on your phone.

Via computer

  • install BlueStacks;
  • open the installed emulator;
  • log into your Google account;
  • launch Google Play;
  • in the search query set field, enter “ TikTok “;
  • in the search results directory, mark relevant content;
  • click on the install button;
  • wait until the software is saved;
  • check the open button.

What are the features of Tik Tok without downloading

The functionality of the social network without downloading and installing the client and simulator of the mobile version is limited to viewing third-party videos. The latter are published on the messenger website using the link

Rating videos are available at the given address, arranged in chronological order. Users who logged into TikTok through their phone without downloading will not be able to customize the display of entries.

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