How to view archives on Instagram from computer and phone

How to view an archive on Instagram is a question that social network users are interested in. The article describes where this section is located. How to handle it properly. What benefits can you get from the tab. If you figure out how to archive content, you can get some useful options.

How to view the archive on Instagram?

Before this option appeared, a person faced the loss of a photo. Could accidentally delete content. I got rid of it on purpose and then regretted it. In order not to feel regrets, an interesting archiving option has been invented. Finding it is easy. The main thing is to know how to act correctly depending on the gadget.

From computer

Access to such a section is located on the main page of your account. If you are using a mobile to explore images, there will be no difficulty finding the archive on your computer.

It’s different if a person is going to find a tab from a computer. When using the web version of the photoset, the user will be disappointed. You need to understand that the social network is intended exclusively for smartphones and tablets. The web versions open on a PC are extremely limited.

From phone

To decide how to view archived photos on Instagram, you need to go to your main profile page. If you have a smartphone on hand, there will be no problems finding the archived part. The sequence of actions looks like this:

  1. An iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device opens.
  2. On the main page, at the top, you need to find an icon in the form of a clock and a dial.
  3. Click on it.

The person is automatically placed in the correct section. Attention is given to the storage of deleted images. You can perform various operations with them – delete or sort.

How to view the archive on Insta?

Before describing the specifics of finding a section, it is worth describing the main options available:

  1. View publications in the repository.
  2. Delete content, but irrevocably.
  3. Return moved pictures back to profile.

These options are useful to humans. The section is a godsend for people with inconsistency in desires and in matters of maintaining their own and someone else’s social network.

To access the tab, you need to make sure that the current version of the application is available. The program needs to be updated. There are images that the user is not sure about. If you are not in the mood, you can not post the photo and delete everything. It is allowed to keep in a spare place for an unlimited amount of time. You can be sure that your friend’s hidden is not visible.

While the content is in this section, no one can see it. If desired, you can return to the tape. This can be done at any time. It is much wiser to use archiving than mindlessly, under the influence of the mood, to delete images. Moreover, you do not need to use personal or telephone resources to use the product. It is worth noting that you can keep photos and stories hidden.

Stories Archive

Videos or photo stories only hang in the feed for 24 hours. Content disappears from the overview. Moves to the archive list. But this is possible if the user has previously configured automatic saving.

Another important requirement is the fact that content has been in the feed for exactly 24 hours. If it was deleted earlier than the set time, the photo will not be saved. You can’t watch it. Finding your saved images is easy. To decide how to view the archive of stories on Instagram, you need to follow these steps:

  • A mobile application is launched on the device;
  • Authorization is performed, if necessary;
  • Goes to your personal page with your publications. To do this, you need to click on the button that looks like a man;
  • At the top you need to find an icon with three parallel lines and click on it;
  • A special pop-up window will automatically appear on the screen. Here you need to click on the clock icon.

The user is then in the archive directory. There are posts here. You should be prepared for the fact that different operating systems and on different phones, the location of the main elements may differ.

Photo Archive

To understand where the archive with photos is, you can go backwards. That is, consider the scheme of action for placing pictures. It is about the same for Android and iPhone. You need to perform the following manipulations:

  1. Profile authorization is in progress.
  2. Selects a publication that you want to hide, but not delete.
  3. The requested post is opening.
  4. The three-dot icon is clicked.
  5. The entry is archived.
  6. The performed action must be confirmed with OK.

Each content item should be archived separately. If you want to return the photo, you need to open an account. Here you should find the dial and click on it. The materials that are in the storage will be presented to the person’s attention. Select the record to be returned to the feed.

It’s easy to do. The thumbnail of the selected post is pressed. The application will offer several options for how to proceed. The option Show in profile where it should be is selected. To return to the tape is the best option. But you can always choose a different function.

How do I view another person’s Instagram story archive?

How do I view another person’s Instagram story archive? This is impossible to do. Videos and photos from the archive have the right and the ability to view only the owner of the account. Third party users cannot access this archived section of stories. It is not for nothing that the option of such a move is called not to delete, but to hide, so that it can be returned later. While publications are in the archive, no one can find them.

Summing it up

As a conclusion, it’s worth noting that in certain cases the photo and video archive option is not available. This is typical for a situation where the user has not updated the application for a long time. To solve the problem, you need to update the instu yourself. If you do not want to continue to face other problems, it is recommended to add an automatic update function.

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