How to view Instagram Stories anonymously:from phone and computer

Viewing anonymously Instagram Stories is not allowed by default. The site is focused on the open interaction of followers. But if the user wants to bypass such a limitation, there are a number of ways that we will talk about along the way.

Technically, monitoring of outsiders Stories is implemented at an intuitive level, however, like the rest of the functions of the J messenger. It’s especially easy to view open Instagram accounts regardless of the subscription.

But the service is designed in such a way that information about traveling on someone else’s profile is available to the owner. Some users do not intend to “shine” in the corresponding list, and therefore methods of ignoring privacy have appeared:

  • creating a second, fake account;
  • opening posts using highly specialized sites;
  • using utilities for different mobile OS;
  • support for Telegram bots.

As a result, we see that there are enough schemes for circumventing the restrictions. It remains to choose the option that suits the complexity. So let’s get started!

How to view your Instagram Story anonymously from your phone

The first method mentioned for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously is the design of the second profile. The new page is deprived of the main photo (avatar), description and photos familiar to the eye. Moreover, such a dummy is allowed to be blocked from prying eyes.

The solution is relevant for people who do not want to be noticed in the stack of looking at other people’s Stories. However, now there is scope for observing interested participants in the photo hosting.

The indicated “crutch” way is to use an e-mail or contact number:

  • leave open account;
  • initiate the creation of a new page;
  • enter a phone number or “soap”;
  • specify the name of the profile to be created;
  • enter a previously invented password;
  • wait for a letter or SMS to arrive;
  • type in the verification code and click OK.

The use of new personal space is based on the following principles:

  • three week duration of limits after registration;
  • the need to fill in information to avoid a ban;
  • the list from which it is allowed to switch to another account (opened by clicking at the top of the nickname).

Android Application

Anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories is available thanks to third party developers. We recommend downloading the latter from the official site of the Play Store. Application involves the introduction of registration information of the media platform.

Also consider what you can and cannot do according to the instructions of such utilities:

  • download available anonymously received stories;
  • repost material;
  • it is not allowed to monitor by means of a PC in stealth mode (we will see how to remove the limitation of the computer version later).

Story Saver

The first application presented in the current article runs on Android and is called Story Saver. The current product specification is index 1.7.0 and released on 3.08.2019. Software functions:

  • tracking incognito content;
  • save videos and broadcasts;
  • placing Stories in the Feed.

How to use the Story Saver:

  • download and install software;
  • open the software and enter the Insta login and password – a list of open and closed profiles that are present in subscriptions and posted stories will be displayed;
  • tap your account name to view your Instagram Story;
  • anonymous contemplation is realized by clicking on a specific post (a set of images and videos is represented by a grid).

iPhone App

Above we said that the rules of photo hosting do not provide for monitoring of extraneous incognito records. Therefore, you cannot find programs whose main skill is to provide anonymous browsing.

The management of the social network works closer with the iPhone store than with Android. So applications running on an iPhone or iPad exist in almost a single copy J

Story Reposter

This is the Story Reposter utility, freely distributed from the Ep Store website. The latest version is index 1.8.6 and was released on October 19, 2019. To find an account:

  • download and install the product;
  • tap the search text in the window that opens (blue rectangle);
  • type the name of the profile of the person whose publications you intend to overlook – a stack of current Stories will be displayed;
  • click on the list item of interest and the Story will appear in the Story Reposter;
  • after viewing Instagram Story anonymously, iPhone has two options:
    • repost, which is logical to understand by the name of the software and the J frame button;
    • save, giving the command to copy content to personal storage (check Save, then Save Image).

The program does not oblige the user to be authorized. But it also does not support reading data from closed pages.

Can I watch Instagram Stories anonymously

Let’s take a look at another method for getting access to the content of a circle of friends. Telegram robots allow the Instagram viewer to go unnoticed.

Instructions for anonymous opening of Stories:

  • pass authentication on the Telegram social network;
  • type the name of the bot – Insta Bot;
  • tap the search result;
  • run the subscriber’s personal account;
  • tap the three dots at the top;
  • make a copy of the account address;
  • paste the contents of the clipboard into the Telegram chat;
  • click on Stories.

When a person spies on his personal life using a social platform, the visit counter still increases by one. But the author does not recognize the name of the profile from where the Instagram Story was viewed. Anonymity is also guaranteed when you add you to the black list of followers. Although Telegram robots are not able to overcome the protection of private profiles.

Monitoring of closed cabinets is not available either in programs or from web portals.

An app to watch Instagram Stories anonymously

A little trick is achievable by the official client:

  • find a story to be tracked;
  • find the Story next to it, which serves as a guide to the world of closed publications;
  • to peek behind the scenes, swipe left or right halfway and hold your finger – a part of the desired Stories will appear;
  • select the “Back” command – the watch list will remain intact, as evidence that the user has not visited the “suspicious” posts J

Now about online services that allow you to achieve conspiracy. The first site,, has a number of functions:

  • hiding who was monitoring the content;
  • saving materials;
  • contemplation of full-size avatars;
  • cheat “hearts” and followers.

We continue to review the portals for anonymous Story viewing on Instagram. is ready to offer users:

  • a set of records matching trending hash tags;
  • find snapshot locations;
  • list of popular messenger profiles;
  • list of photos with leading likes /comments /reposts.


Steps to find stories:

  • type the name of the account (with a “dog” in front of the name, without a “dog” or in the form of a link) – posts posted during the day will be displayed;
  • click the Stories cover to initiate the download procedure;
  • at the top right of the website, click “Download”.


In addition to the usual Stories, the service supports downloading Highlights, as well as distributing in various social networks.

  • open the site;
  • enter the name of your personal account;
  • press Enter – a list of stories to which the person is subscribed will be displayed;
  • click the element of interest to view or save.


Another service, the principle of which is not strikingly different from the sites discussed above. The platform does not depend on the type of device, working on mobile and PC. Anonymous viewing of Stories on Instagram is realized by prescribing a nickname. Only input in link format is not supported.

A download link accompanies every post found. The videos are available for playback by the functionality of a web browser in full screen mode. If there are no stories for the found profile, the text notification “No stories to show” will be displayed.

How to anonymously watch Instagram Stories via the Google Chrome extension

Computer-based story monitoring involves installing the IG Story Chrome extension. Now you can mask not only the name of the account from which the content was viewed, but also the very fact of tracking. Chrome IG Story does not require launching the official photo hosting portal, working when opening an arbitrary source. Incognito prevents activity detection.

Chrome IG Story

How to handle the web browser add-on:

  • click the ellipsis top right (chrome interface);
  • open the list of More Tools commands;
  • select Extensions;
  • click the three bars at the top left and then the bottom store access button;
  • search for “IG Story” and enter a search result to access Instagram Stories anonymously;
  • click the install command and confirm the appropriate process;
  • open your Insta account in your browser;
  • check the plugin icon that appeared after installation;
  • click the eye to activate stealth mode;
  • click the magnifying glass icon and type in an account name to get the content of a specific person.
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