What is Instagram in simple words: basic features and how to use it

What is Instagram is a question that can be found on the net. It is relevant despite the popularity of the social network. The resource has many users. But there are still some citizens who are not familiar with the essence of the portal. The article describes what a social network is. What opportunities and options does it open up. How to use the most popular ones.

What is Instagram?

This is a special application. The resource is suitable for the crazy pace of life. You need to have a smartphone on hand to save content and everything that happens. Once saved, the information should be shared with the world and friends.

Communication and content publishing platform suitable for android and ios OS. You can use the social network on other operating systems. To open the application on windows, you will have to use the BlueStacks emulator.

The main idea of ​​the insta is to create an understandable photo exchange. Previously, the portal was intended for apple devices. Later they released a resource adapted for Google. In all variants, the user receives square, instantly posted images. This is a digital analogy for a Polaroid.

Creation history

Before describing the advantages of the resource, it is worth paying attention to the history of the development and creation of the application. The product was created for the exchange of emotions and information. You can show interest in what is happening.

The owner of this social network profile can try himself as an artist. It is allowed to embody ideas. You can focus on the main thing. To make your content more attractive, special built-in filters are applied. Thanks to this, the worst shot will get a new life. A person posts the completed masterpieces in the public domain.

Features and Features

Today, insta is a versatile tool. It will be useful not only for individuals, but also for business. The rapid prevalence of the utility is based on the inherent functionality and features of the program. Here are the main ones:

  • Maintaining a business profile is free;
  • Indication of physical location;
  • Reflection of the business category;
  • Using effective advertising tools;
  • Direct link button;
  • Gender & Geography Analytics;
  • Age category;
  • Get statistics of account visits.

These factors reveal the functionality of the application and individual accounts in the photo network.

What’s the point of Instagram?

The meaning of the resource was laid by two young people from San Francisco – Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Previously, it was an understandable program for Apple. The main point was to provide users with the ability of young people to share small pictures on the registered account page.

This option acquired more advantages after the developers added a special editor to the resource for processing photos. Android owners have access to this software. The developed functionality is constantly increasing and continues to expand.

Today, Insta is a well-thought-out full-fledged social network. Here you can communicate, share materials, maintain a business page. Users call the utility a photoset. The reason is that photographs are considered the main form of content.

Why Instagram?

The desire to download a photo network and register your own account here is based on providing users with many functions. For a private person, the portal opens up many sources of information.

For entrepreneurs, this is a guarantee of customer acquisition. You can achieve results with your own marketing plan. It can be supplemented with targeted ads. Placement of hash tags is fine. All this, together with breathtaking shots, increases the profit in business activities. The main thing is to know how to use Instagram.

Chatting with Friends

This is the main human need. Many are leaving the cities. After college or school, they come to the place of employment. They are looking for themselves and their position in life. This automatically removes.

Social network accounts allow you to find friends. It is allowed to maintain communication at a distance from each other. Studying the events and the address of the stay of friends is more effective than sending an SMS with a greeting.

This accessibility is optional. The person has the right to close the account. Make photos available exclusively to close friends. Third-party people will not be able to get information about a person who does not want publicity.

Getting useful information

It is allowed to subscribe to informational accounts on the portal. Track news. The user can read posts on a daily basis in such popular areas as:

  • Parenting;
  • Health;
  • Psychology;
  • Motivation and self-development;
  • Sale of goods and services.

A large number of users decide to register an account to track one page. Then they gradually look for friends’ accounts and other portals where you can get knowledge.

News tracking

What is instagram and how to use it? The social network will be useful for those who seek to know about the events that take place in the world or in the lives of famous personalities. It’s hard to find a celebrity who doesn’t have an Instagram account. You can access these options:

  1. Chatting with fans.
  2. Rating upgrade.
  3. Getting feedback.

Before subscribing to a popular portal, you should check its validity. This factor is confirmed by the presence of a blue check mark next to the name. Its presence indicates that the information in the account can be trusted.


If you use a portal like this, you can organize familiar and popular online dating. People who are limited in time, busy with work duties, can, if desired, quickly find close friends and even start a serious relationship.

Insta is much more suitable for this purpose than other specialized dating portals. The reason is that you can learn much more about a person. Before you get acquainted, you can study his story, photo. It is difficult to find more compelling reasons for dating than familiarization with your personal life.

Story storage

If a person likes to take pictures, store pictures in special albums and sign them, the photo network functionality will do just fine. You can conveniently and competently store photos. Content will be distributed by date. This distribution will not take much of the profile owner’s time. 2-3 minutes are enough to leave a memory of the moments.

Advertising earnings

The user who posts useful content automatically gets a growing subscriber base. If the information is meaningful and the images are perfect, you can get a rapid increase in subscribers.

Growing audience attracts advertisers. They will give great deals. The page owner can advertise products and make money on it. Companies love these sites because readers trust their idols and their opinions.

After advertising, sales of competent bloggers increase. People trust opinion and take ads as friendly advice. The more subscribers a person has, the more he gets for advertising. Over time, advertising for goods and services becomes the main source of income.

How to use Instagram?

Based on the information provided, it becomes clear that using the social network is easy. The design differs from the standard graphic design. There are differences in usability from other portals designed for file sharing and communication. Many find it difficult to start using the resource.

That is why it is so important to know the intricacies of this portal. You need to understand that a full-fledged acquaintance will be only after creating your own profile. It needs to be registered. Then start studying the features of the work and functioning of the portal.

On phone

If you have a smartphone, you need to find an instu in the app store, download and install it. After that, you should come up with a code for authorization and login. The name can be real or made up.

The user independently chooses the desired option. After manipulations, all options become available to a person. You can achieve your goals while using the social network.


One of the main advantages of the resource is the ability to use it not only on the phone, but on the PC. To get the standard options at your disposal, you should already have a registered account at your disposal.
If there is a personal account, the user must perform the following actions:

  • A standard browser opens;
  • The official address of the photo network is entered into the search bar;
  • Going to the main page;
  • Login data is entered into the authorization form;
  • If the person enters the correct information, they will be in the account.

After that, functions become available to the user. You can find friends and colleagues. Pages of popular personalities are available. Likes are allowed.

Although available, there is a slight limitation in functionality. You can not communicate in the directory, post your own photos. You will not be able to delete photos and use filters.

How to use the program?

This digital product is easy to use. It has a clear design and universal rules. The interface is understandable not only for young people, but for more adults.

Ease of use is available as soon as you download the software. After that, the account is registered. The operation is easy and cost-free. As soon as a person receives a personal account, they have access to operations:

  1. Share photos and videos.
  2. Quickly post them from your phone to your feed.
  3. Writing text to images.
  4. Give users personal emotions and thoughts.
  5. Shoot short videos up to 15 seconds.
  6. Placing videos in stories.
  7. Processing snapshots.
  8. Add emoticons, stickers and graphics effects.
  9. Conducting live broadcasts.
  10. Subscribe to news.
  11. Chat in the comments.
  12. Conducting polls.

The user will be able to promote their own business, sell their goods or services. This is a good solution for the average person or entrepreneur.

Important Application Features

The social network offers many useful features. You can not only post your own pictures, but also view the content of people of interest. A person can write comments to express their opinion.

Do not forget about the possibility to use insta as a functional and well-thought-out online store. You can choose the product you like, negotiate with the seller, pay and get a high quality product.


The user can take a photo with the camera that is present in the smartphone. Before posting content, it can be processed in the editor. To indicate the topic of the publication, it is worth placing such elements under it as:

  • Short texts;
  • Location;
  • Hashtag;
  • Users as checkmarks.

To decorate your post, you can add stickers, markers, stickers. They can be superimposed directly on the image. This can give your publication a festive mood. Anyone in insta can feel like a creator. Make a masterpiece from your photo and share it with family and friends. The main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions.


The purpose and placement of clips is similar to snapshots. The content is filmed on a smartphone and instantly posted in the feed. The main condition is the length of the video. It cannot be longer than one minute.

This is a rather inconvenient limitation that can be worked around. You can use the slideshow option to do this. In such a situation, you can upload from 2 to 10 clips of one minute each to the tape.

Live Stream

This is a relatively new option. With its help, you can transfer the recorded clip without delay. A purposeful function has been developed. With the help of the broadcast, you can do product reviews, establishments, surveys and interviews. For entrepreneurs, this option is considered quite useful. You can significantly expand your audience.


The function allows you to find out the opinion of subscribers on certain issues. Discussions are allowed. The profile owner starts a survey by clicking on the button of the same name. The question and answer options are written in a special form.


There is a separate section for placing stories. Here you can post a short story from pictures, upload images without applying filters and other forms of editing.

A lot of content is placed here. But this does not affect the loading of the social network. The reason is the complete disappearance of the photo in a day. Without clogging up the feed, you can post information, share the events of the day. You can comment on such content. In this case, statements will be visible only to the person who posted the video or photo.


This is a handy feature for those with different social media profiles. If you wanted to upload the same content to different resources, you had to spend a lot of time. The option allows you to do this at the same time. To access it, you need to configure the appropriate settings.


These are kind of keywords by which you can find the required information on the portal. With their help, you can achieve the following goals:

  • Sort information;
  • Search and display special subject categories;
  • Organize promotions;
  • Conduct contests;
  • Expand your subscriber base.

Bloggers actively use such marks. They structure publications and make searching easier and faster. If you place a tag under a video or snapshot, you can share the view with subscribers and outsiders. Photos will be located by tag. This brings him the opportunity to receive an answer to a question. The author of the post gets an increase in views.


In order not to get lost in the flow of informational data, visitors to the photo network view the feed from beginning to end. If there are many subscriptions, it takes a long time. It can be shortened by setting special notifications for publications from a specific subscriber. The informing option will work immediately as soon as the person of interest posts something new.


If you want to share not an ordinary photo, but a series of images, you can use this function. The best result can be achieved by using a third-party Layout application. The activation is carried out in the process of image editing. You can take two or three sources and combine them into one whole. You can get more informed and interesting results.

Collection of the best

The person who visits the portal comes across the content they like. If you want to return to it a little later, it will be difficult to find something without special saving. To make the search easier, you need to make a special bookmark. You can save a lot of such photos. Distribute them into separate thematic albums for quick and easy search.


You can search for a snapshot from the same city or country. To use the product, you should enter the name of the geographical location in the line in simple words. After that, you need to click on the name of the Place. As a result, you can see the geography of the request on the display.

Instagram for Business

A social network is a suitable platform for communication and entrepreneurship. There are many active users registered here. They will quickly respond to interesting and vivid pictures and posts.

The overall engagement rate is about 80 times higher than Twitter and Facebook. The higher the number of clicks, the higher the sales rate. Retail chains that sell goods, car dealerships, beauty and health centers, real estate agencies use the power of the photo network.

Official Advertisement

To effectively promote your services and exchange photos, you need to create a page and know what PR in Instagram is. As a basis, you can use one photo, a series of shots and stories. There are many options. Next, a payment method is selected. This can be the number of clicks per link or per impressions.

The use of advertising in the insta is mainly for its purposefulness. The user independently configures from the phone which audience to show the product to. The person chooses:

  1. Gender
  2. Age.
  3. Interests.
  4. Country.

This became a reality after the introduction of major Facebook developments. It is for this reason that a binding between these two portals is considered mandatory.

Profile promotion

If the page owner sells goods and services, he cannot do without high-quality account promotion. To attract your audience, you should use the following tools as instructed:

  • Recommendations;
  • Hashtags;
  • Customer Reviews;
  • Likes.

You can carry out promotion on your phone. You should post images in the account of a popular application and activate promotion schemes here.

Celebrity Posts

Optimal results in the promotion process can be achieved when using the accounts of famous bloggers. These are users with thousands of subscribers. To achieve the result, the account owner places a review, opinion, photo of the advertising product and reviews in the feed for a fee.

Offline promotion

It is allowed to upload pictures of works and goods sold in the photo network. This result is difficult to achieve when trying to place advertisements on brochures or business cards. By specifying a specific account on the products, the customer will know where to go on their computer to explore more. A detailed portfolio can be viewed at any time.

Online Directory

The user who sells the product has the right and the ability to create his own catalog in the photo network on his computer and not on his phone. What for? Here you can post a product with photos, descriptions and links. Items to be sold are collected in groups. It’s easy to learn and use them. You need to act as through a website.

This is an effective Instagram use case for dummies. The profile owner can represent products and sell confectionery, small jewelry, real estate and cars.

Summing it up

The described resource does not stand still in terms of its development. It is constantly changing, improving, its capabilities are growing. Every year, new opportunities appear for personal use and for business. A beginner can try new things, take video training on the Internet and share interesting things. A whole world of new possibilities opens up for a person on Instagram.

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