Instagram Story Covers:How to Make Them

Instagram Story Covers are a new way to make your social media page more attractive. The functionality appeared not so long ago, but it has already become popular. The bloggers immediately understood how to use the new tool. To make the page harmonious, they came up with the design of folders with eternal stories. This makes it much more pleasant for followers to explore the content on the page.

In this article we will learn how to add a cover, where to find ready-made templates, how to create sets yourself.

What are Instagram Story Covers for

Relevant stories have appeared relatively recently. Bloggers began to actively use them in order not to clog the feed and save the necessary information for subscribers. Since the groups with eternal stories are above the photo content, they are striking. This opportunity was not missed, so many began to create a design for the page. The main focus is eternal stories.

Skins grab attention and structure the content on the page. Using a single style, you can attract followers who can easily navigate your profile.

Keep technical details in mind when choosing covers:

  • Image size must be 1080 by 1920;
  • Group name limited to 16 characters;
  • Eternal stories will be kept until deliberately deleted;
  • You can create covers for Instagram stories using graphic programs or on your own;
  • Stories in sections are in order, which depends on the date they were added.

How to make a story cover

First, you need to divide your eternal stories into topic groups. To do this, go to your profile and find the circle with a plus under the infobox. Click on it to add stories there on a specific topic, come up with a name. Stories can be downloaded immediately or selected from the archive.

Now we need to decorate all folders by adding icons. To do this, prepare a set of pictures in advance. It is recommended to use images of the same style so that the profile looks harmonious.

  1. Add pictures to stories online. Now you can use them for sections of your current stories. Also, the images will be archived;
  2. Select a folder of eternal stories to decorate;
  3. If you create a group right away, choose the cover first. This will render it correctly;
  4. Click Next. Now you can choose the location of the picture and its size. Don’t forget that Instagram Story Covers appear in a circle. Think in advance how best to install it;
  5. Save and go to your profile to check how it looks;
  6. Edit sections of timeless stories at any time. You can add to the groups and remove unnecessary ones, as well as change the cover.

A set of premade skins

Many people who blog on Instagram would like their page to look harmonious. Many even post photos in the same color scheme so as not to violate the style and concept of the content. But not all bloggers know how to draw and create images to design a section of eternal stories.

In this case, a ready-made package of icons in one style will help. It takes a lot of time to find the right design, but it’s worth it.

  1. Go to any search engine in your browser (Yandex, Google);
  2. In the search bar enter queries:icon, highlights, stories;
  3. A list of sites that are suitable will open;
  4. Go to the pictures section;
  5. There is a wide variety of covers to choose from;
  6. Download them to your computer or smartphone;
  7. If you need to change something, use any graphics editor;
  8. Save the resulting version and upload images to the story;
  9. Place them in the appropriate groups and make the picture appear first.

You can also order a ready-made package of templates from the artist. Discuss all the details and style in advance to get the desired final version. When receiving an order, pay attention to the data archive. It should contain fonts and covers for Instagram stories in psd format. In this form, you can independently modify the resulting templates, divided into layers.

Story Cover Templates

Sometimes it is not possible to create a custom set of skins that fit the theme and concept. To make things easier, you can use templates. In this case, specialized forums, sites and applications will help you. The most popular are Canva and Crello. Templates will help you create a design for the Insta page. You can edit and modify them.

To take full advantage of these services, you must register there. After that you can save and edit the result at any time. After the registration procedure, consider all the functionality and decide if the free features are enough for you. If you want to create unique icons, then you can get a paid subscription. Premium tools allow you to create pictures of any complexity, changing layers, colors and styles.

Ready-made templates can be found on other sites and forums using search engines. All images and templates will be divided into thematic groups. You can also find designers or artists who sell Instagram story covers or templates. The order will be sent to you in the form of an archive. It opens in the Photoshop program. Install the fonts from file and style your blog.

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