Instagram technical support phone in Russia:how to contact the operator

How to call Instagram, if you need to restore your account or complain about inappropriate content, where to write and how long to wait for a response is now no secret. In the event of a hack or loss of personal data, it is not always possible to restore the login to your Instagram account using the mobile phone code, and the application may experience malfunctions, for which you need to contact the technical team of the social network.

The service is used by representatives of different age groups, and if they cannot cope with their own problem, they often give up trying to regain control over their account, so you need to know about the features of the platform in Russia.

How to contact Instagram tech support?

When trying to find a voice center or an answering machine, users are faced with the fact that there is no information on this issue on the Internet:there are no contact phone numbers, there are no ways to call through instant messengers or video call services – communication occurs exclusively via mail.

By phone number

The user’s phone number is used to anchor the page and confirm that the profile belongs to the owner of the phone. Subsequently, this helps to restore the lost access to the page on Instagram if you forgot your password, or enable two-factor authentication to protect your account from hacking.


The technical service of Instagram receives a large number of messages of a different nature – from simple requests from those who want to know how a particular application functionality works, how to use it, and to complex manipulations to restore an account that require a phone number, email address, and sometimes passport details.

The service center has allocated a questionnaire for users of the social network, which contains answers to the most frequent requests, for the solution of which it is not necessary to write to the support service. The information center can be accessed via the link or through your personal account in the Help menu, where there are answers to various potential problems. [Sc name=”citat-close”]

If no solution has been found for your question, then the support operator is more likely to simply redirect you to reread this section, so it’s better to save time and review the information in it beforehand. Contacting the service department should be as capacious and structured as possible – the speed and quality of resolving the issue depends on it.

To contact the service center, follow these steps:

  • login to personal account;
  • select an icon with three horizontal lines;
  • select the “Settings” tab at the very bottom of the page;
  • click on the “Help” line;
  • then you can go to the “Help Center” for ready-made answers or contact technical support by clicking “Report a problem”;
  • in the “Report spam or violations” menu, you can send a complaint about inappropriate content, you can also do this by clicking “Complain” in the three-dot menu, by opening a photo or video in an Instagram feed;
  • the “Send Feedback” button allows you to leave recommendations for improving the service and suggestions for the interface;
  • you can address a personal problem through the “Report a problem” window, where the function of attaching screenshots with a visual demonstration is enabled.

Due to frequent requests about hacked accounts, since 2020, the Instagram service does not respond to letters with such complaints. For other questions, consultations are provided by a certified support center for Instagram users in Russian.

Via Instagram

You can only unlink your mail from an invalid account, change your phone number or nickname (name in Latin letters) only by logging into the system. If you do not have access to your account, contact the operator without logging into your account – through the website.

How to contact Instagram technical support via the site:

  • open the website through a computer or laptop browser;
  • at the bottom of the web page, in the “Support” contextual tab, there is a Help Center with the same answers to questions;
  • there is no direct form of contacting the operator, so you need to find the category of your question and study the proposed options for solving questions;
  • select the required item and describe your problem to the technical support operator;
  • click “Submit” and the ticket will go to the maintenance sorting center.

Try to choose the category that best describes your problem, that is, if you cannot log into your account, click “Problems with Login”, etc. The operator can ignore general questions without specifying details.

How do I call Instagram support?

Telephone support is not available for Instagram users in Russia. We do not have official service centers or Instagram offices, so it is impossible to get advice directly. For users from our country, there is the option of contacting technical support through the website, application and e-mail.

The main office of the social network is located in the USA, and the hotline is open 24/7, but applications are accepted in English. Support phone numbers in America + 1 (650) 543-4800 .

How to contact the Instagram operator?

You can get answers and solutions to your problems not only through the application or website, but also through your email. For convenience and quick processing of the application, you need to register in the mail service Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft Live, where you need to type the address

The answer may come:

  • within 1-2 hours, if the problem has already been described in the help center, or the solution does not require additional manipulations with the phone number and passport data;
  • within 1-2 days if the appeal was received on weekends in Russia, or the category of the question is incorrectly specified.

In any case, you need to wait – the answer will come without fail. You can speed up the process of solving the problem by additionally contacting the services of those social media services associated with an unavailable profile on Instagram – Facebook, Twitter, or by reporting the problem through the page of a friend or relative.

Requests from registered users are accepted first of all, so you can write to the operator through Direct or a third party account, providing proof that your profile has been blocked and that you are the owner of it. In the request, it is desirable to provide data for feedback – work mail:the reply to the message will be tied to a friend’s Direct, and it may ask for contact information for further communication.

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