Is it possible to hide the visit time in different languages ​​in Telegram

The fight for privacy in social networks and messengers is also emerging among users. You can often come across the question of whether it is possible to hide the visit time in the Telegram. Often this function helps users to prevent the release of unwanted information. And the operation that performs its closure or change exists. An ordinary network user is able to cope with the procedure of its implementation, and the help of company representatives or support is not required.

Incorrect telegram time

There are cases when the messenger shows the time of the service visit by the user incorrectly, including the future. This is due to the fact that the site has the ability to broadcast the time indicator differently if the time zone is not defined correctly for it.

Telegram receives data and information at the current IP-address, therefore it is impossible to correct them manually through the application settings. If you are using a proxy server, you can have some effect on changing the time.

First of all, to correct the situation, you need to pay attention to the date display in the application. Invalid data needs to be changed. Next, you need to move the mouse cursor to the computer time menu and open the time and date settings menu item. Check the box next to the “Internet time” field, after which it is important to save the changes.

To correct the IP address, you need to check its status. To do this, it is recommended to go to the website and view the field that indicates the location of the device. If you find another city in it, you should contact your Internet provider. If it does not find an error, it is necessary to reinstall the program, as it may also be the result of a technical failure or difficulties encountered during installation.

How to hide visiting time in English in Telegram

If the user is using the English version of a popular application, he may have difficulty understanding the language and, accordingly, the platform settings. How to hide the visit time in a telegram in case of such difficulties? In the English version of the messenger, several designations are used, indicating the time the user-interlocutor is on the network:

  • last seen recently – in English – was recently online, no more than two or three days ago;
  • within a week – connected to the service during the current week;
  • within a month – visited the application during the current month;
  • long time ago – last logged in a month ago or more.

Most often, the last designation indicates that the user is hiding the correct time spent online. This statement is not always true and requires verification.

Time issues in the English version also include the self destruct function, which sets the self-destruction time of a message or file transmitted through the application. It will help protect against getting confidential information to third parties.

The messenger also contains the corresponding information. In order to find it out, you need to select a user and click on his name in the contact list. The open window will display information about the date and time of the last visit to the network.

How to hide visiting times on Telegram

Many users ask a question about how to hide the time in the Telegram and protect privacy. Currently, hiding is only possible on smartphones. But can you do it yourself? To hide the time spent in the network in Telegram, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to application settings and select “Privacy and Security”.
  2. Go to the “Last activity” item and select those users in it who will have access to information about the time of the user’s last stay.
  3. Go to Always Hide From and select users for whom information will be permanently unavailable.

Settings can be changed as needed. They are valid until the user himself cancels them according to his own needs. It is almost impossible to hack the system and find out the current visit time.

The hide time operation is only available for smartphones and tablets. However, soon, if the users declared the need, it may appear on the computer versions of the application.


The use of social media and messenger is complicated by the constant addition of new features, including limiting user privacy. When the latter declare the difficulties they face in connection with innovations, developers take measures to improve the quality of storage and transmission of information. Therefore, representatives of the company that releases updates for Telegram came up with a function to hide the time spent on the network.

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