Masks on Instagram in stories:instructions:how to find, enable and where to get them

Looking for masks for Instagram Stories, but they are not on the page? Are new filters, animations and other unique effects appearing in your friends’ Stories? The innovation looks impressive and allows you to diversify ordinary publications or stories. After reading this material, you will learn where to get new entertainment content for your profile.

Important! To activate the new features, you need to update the app to the latest version. Updates are installed automatically, but if not, update Instagram manually via Play Market or App Store.

How to find Instagram masks for stories

The instructions are relevant for iPhone and Android devices. The developers have not yet added a convenient section dedicated to masks, so you have to search for them through Stories.

The following steps will help you figure out where to get the new effects:

  1. Launch the camera in Stories mode. New filters can be added through the “Hands-Free”, “Normal”, “Boomerang” modes.
  2. The screenshot shows the area where the effects are located.
  3. Scroll left and right to see more effects.
  4. To activate the mask, just click on it. Some effects are activated by moving the eyebrows, eyes or mouth. Animations for videos have recently appeared.
  5. Scroll right through the collection until you see the View Effects button. The directory for changing faces is located here.

There is no search by title yet, so you can select suitable animations by author and category. To get rare AR objects, you must subscribe to the creator’s page. On your personal page, you will see all the additional content that the designer has created. If you don’t see new animations, restart the Instagram app.

How to make masks on Instagram in stories

The catalog has made it easier to find and add content. To diversify Stories, just click on the desired filter, after which it will appear on your photo. Sometimes users of the site face a problem when hidden filters are not added.

In addition to the legacy client, there may be several reasons why the new filters do not work:

  • not enough memory on your Samsung phone, unique animations require free space, so delete unnecessary files and try to enable again;
  • make sure you subscribe to the profile of the creator of AR objects, usually the designers have the facefilters, AR tags in the header;
  • sometimes users create content only for a specific country, the problem can be solved by changing the country through the Instagram settings.

It is also worth considering creating your own content through the official Spark AR Studio editor. The site does not pay designers to create AR objects, but creators can advertise themselves for free. When you use authoring effects, the creator profile is listed at the top. This way you can get new subscribers. For bloggers, this is additional income due to audience growth and an increase in the cost of Instagram advertising posts.

Where to get story masks

To summarize, highlighting the ways to find content for Stories:

  • adding filters through a directory that can be opened by clicking on the “View Effects” button;
  • subscribing to AR filter creator profiles;
  • View Friends Stories to add their collection.

The next client updates for Android and iOS may add search by title to make it easier to find new animations. Masks on Instagram in Stories are gaining popularity, so you should try yourself as an AR object designer. This will earn you followers and help make your product more popular if you own a business account.

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