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Real estate in Miami is one of the most profitable investments, especially in our time when the demand for housing is much higher than the supply. Construction companies and the working population are similar in their desire to buy or build a square meter of foreign housing. At any time, in any market conditions, people will always want a better life in a better place and a better home. Fortunately, this desire is encouraged by many countries of the world and are trying to develop the infrastructure of their cities so that they would like to come to them, and perhaps stay forever. The United States of America is one of those places where the variety of cities makes it possible to choose what your heart desires.

Benefits of buying real estate in Miami

One of the pearls of the American land is the city of Miami, Florida, located on the Atlantic coast. Miami is one of the eight US megacities. This city has the largest concentration of international banks, with the help of which you can conduct all possible and impossible money transactions with any currency in the world. Construction in Miami began to develop in 2001, a hundred skyscrapers with a height of 122 meters were immediately launched into the project. To date, already built 50. Such a large volume of real estate needs to be quickly sold, and before the crisis in 2009, apartment prices were understated. After the crisis, Miami is one of the first cities where the price per square meter rose, which is due to its favorable location and competent laws “on sale and purchase”.

Pricing policy, of course, depends on the location of the acquired property. The lowest prices are on the outskirts of the city, or in the suburbs, away from the Cote d’Azur and the center, on average from $ 40,000. The total cost in the city ranges from $ 120,000 to $ 180,000, depending on the street or block. Luxury real estate will cost several million dollars. This variation is due to the division of Miami into smaller areas based on cultural values ​​and attractions.

In total, Miami is divided into 10 districts:

  1. City of Miami;
  2. City of Miami Beach;
  3. South Beach – South Beach;
  4. Russian district Sunny Isles;
  5. area Aventura, area of ​​hypermarkets and shopping centers;
  6. the area of ​​hotels and hotels Ocean Drive;
  7. the main tourist street Lincoln road;
  8. territory of the architectural monument of the twentieth century Art Deco district;
  9. the southernmost point of the South Point beaches;
  10. Everglades National Park Area.

In the southern districts of Miami, where the beach is just a stone’s throw away, the price is the highest – up to $ 20,000 per square meter. The luxurious surroundings make it possible to build magnificent homes with open lofts, multiple floors and a rooftop helipad. Wealth here is in every corner of concrete buildings and natural beaches strewn with golden sand. So the exorbitant prices justify themselves. Local authorities know this as well, they do not set any boundaries in real estate prices.

Buying real estate in Miami every year becomes more profitable, since the main trump card of this area is tourism. Every year, millions of tourists come to Miami to satisfy all possible desires in a short time of rest. The districts of the city offer relaxation in all its forms. Luxurious hotels, huge entertainment centers, clean long beaches. The authorities are planning to continue attracting more and more people with new projects. For example, the Panama Canal was enlarged not only for freight traffic, but also for servicing passenger liners. Additionally, coastlines were improved, ports were completed. All structures are ready to accept a large flow of tourists who either arrived purposefully in Miami, or sail by on cruises.

All conditions have been created for travelers: small restaurants, shops, lounges, medical institutions. In parallel, the largest motorway in the entire state of Florida is being built. Also, since 2010, Fort Lauderdale Airport has been modernized and reconstructed to receive a large flow of tourists. Along with the modernization of transport conditions, the cultural infrastructure is also developing. The project of the Museum Park has been implemented. It consists of the Science Museum, the Museum of Art and small galleries. The territory is planted with trees, flower meadows. All the alleys that connect parts of the park and lead from museum to museum are decorated with living arches made of tropical plants. One gets the impression of a separate island, lost among the tamed nature.

Also, an important aspect of Miami’s appeal is modern medicine. Mobile hospitals are located throughout the city and in every hotel complex to provide the necessary care. All the latest equipment that has been designed in the world can be found in major government hospitals. After registration with the insurance company, all types of treatment will be available.

Miami’s economy is now more stable than ever. Over the past 5 years, there have been no spikes in price increases, no changes in laws and taxes. Most travel companies in the world offer tours to this city as one of the most profitable and safe. Buying real estate in Miami will only bring profit and pleasure from the money spent.

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