Most popular Tik Toker: boys and girls from Russia and other countries

Popular TikTokers gain thousands of views, likes and followers all over the world. Now TikTok app is popular with people of any age. While many are sure that it is young, cheerful girls who are gaining the most views on the social network, but there are many popular personalities among the male half of bloggers.

We will tell you about the most popular Russian and English bloggers from Tik Tok.

Among all Russian boys tiktokers can be distinguished several of the most famous who have collected the maximum number of subscribers on the social network.

@ savko

Aleksey Savko has several million subscribers today. Alexey lives in Russia, he conquered the hearts of the audience with his humorous videos, in which he shows scenes from the life of a guy with small stature. All content published on the channel is unique, Savko comes up with all new funny ideas, due to which not only retains a multimillion audience, but also constantly gains new subscribers.

Some of the channel’s mini-films feature top bloggers from other social networks.

Alexei was recently included in the Forbes list as one of the most promising Russians. With his funny videos, the guy conquered not only viewers on social networks, but also many reputable print media.

@_ alexandr.t

The list of popular tick tokers can be supplemented by Alexander Tyatunov. At the moment, more than 3.7 million followers have already subscribed to the author’s page. At the moment, the guy takes the honorable second place in terms of the number of subscribers in Russia, among his admirers he won the title of “The most handsome guy of Tik Tok in Russia”.

Regardless of who the guy is shooting joint videos with, he constantly gets into the recommendations and trends section, each video gets hundreds of likes from fans.

@ Benji Krol

Another popular blogger from Tik Tok is Benji. At the moment, the guy has more than 3.5 million subscribers in the piggy bank. If the previous tiktoker from the list conquers all subscribers with his ideal appearance, then Benji is an ordinary guy from the next doorway who shoots videos for every taste.

Interestingly, the blogger is popular not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. In the comments below the video, you can find messages in English, French and other languages.

Among the popular Tik Tok girls from Russia are:

  1. @ anastasia_yseeva_17. The girl is only 18 years old, but she has already managed to collect a huge multi-million dollar army of fans. Anastasia Useeva herself declares that she has always loved performing in front of the public, and the social network not only helped her to make her wishes come true, but also get an additional source of income. Celebrity came to Anastasia after the publication of the video for the song “And he knows nothing.” Tik Tok’s ads often include her videos.
  2. @olgessa. Olya, thanks to her videos, quickly gained subscribers and settled on the 5th place in the rating “The most popular tick tokers in Russia”. In her videos, the girl often tries on new images, plays funny scenes and shows acrobatic tricks.

English-speaking bloggers are several times more popular than Tiktokers from Russia. This difference in the number of subscribers is explained by the clarity of the videos for a wider audience due to the English language. Below are some of the most popular English TikTok users among guys.

@ jacobsartorius

Jacob is considered to be an influential TikToker due to his huge army of subscribers, at the moment his audience has exceeded 20 million. Jacob shoots videos with his participation to music, using various popular special effects. In total, all of the guy’s videos got over a billion likes.

Jacob’s popularity is also explained by the fact that he was one of the first to register on the TikTok platform, thereby making himself known.

Jake is only 17 years old, but despite his age, he not only shoots videos for the social network, but has already recorded his solo song.

@ gilmhercroes

Gilmer Kres has taken the second place in the world ranking of popular tiktokers. At the moment, the guy’s audience has already exceeded 18 million followers. The young man mainly shoots short videos of 15 seconds, which he publishes not only on Tik Tok, but also on other social networks. In total, all videos published on the site have collected more than 519 million likes.

@ camerondallas

Camerock Dallas is in third place with 17 million followers and 290 million likes. The guy got his initial fame after publishing his short videos on YouTube, Vine platforms, after which he successfully started at TikTok.

The peculiarity of the videos is that they are all created and shot according to the script that the guy comes up with on his own. The young man is popular not only in Tik Tok, the Netflix platform invited him to take part in the author’s reality show Chasing Cameron.

English girls from Tik Tok gather huge armies of fans from all over the world. Among the most popular bloggers are:

  1. @lisaandlena. Two sisters from Germany have been recording short 15-second videos in Tik Tok for several years. The girls are only 17 years old, but the army of their fans has long exceeded 32 million people. The main feature of the released videos is lip syncing and music during filming.
  2. @lorengray. Lauren Gray gained worldwide popularity among viewers thanks to another social network – ly. By registering on TikTok she quickly earned millions of subscribers. At the moment, Lauren is only slightly inferior to the sisters from the first point in terms of the number of followers. The girl not only shoots funny videos, she sings, dances, and takes part in events as a model. He hosts his own show Snapchat Glow Up, and is also the author of his single My Story, recorded in collaboration with Virgin Records.

Among the popular American TikTokers is Zach King. Even before the development of a music application, the blogger became famous on other platforms due to his unusual videos. Zach shows various magic tricks, successfully introduces cinematic special effects into his videos. This professional approach to creating TikTok video has helped Zach gain over 18 million followers .

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