No sound on IGTV: causes and solutions in Instagram

No sound on IGTV on Instagram – possible reasons and an independent solution to the trouble.

Watching Insta TV has become possible since the summer of 2018 – one-hour videos in vertical format from authors from your feed and not only. The service went beyond the test mode and works for all users of the social network, but sometimes there are problems.

In this article, we will name common reasons why there is no sound on IGTV on Instagram.

Possible reasons

Is there no sound in IGTV? Before throwing stones at the new platform, let’s check some of the nuances and fix them:

  • The mode is set to silent or only vibrate, or the volume is turned down to minimum. Solution: use the volume key to adjust the volume of the phone, make sure that the mode allows audio playback.
  • There are headphones in the jack , though they are not tight. Solution: Try to remove the headphones from the jack and insert again, scroll until contact is established.
  • Poor internet connection. The application may not work correctly at low network speed – the required minimum is 1 Mbps. You can check the connection speed in special applications such as Speedtest.
  • The speaker is defective. You can check this option by running the video through another application. If the audio plays without sound, the phone will have to be repaired. View  IGTV in Instagram on your PC – is it possible? Find out by the link.

Application problems

Possible reasons for IGTV on Instagram without sound:

  • Silent application mode. To exit silent video mode, you need to touch anywhere on the screen during video playback. You can also use the volume control button.
  • Playback error when launching via Instagram. This happens on some phones – the audio may not turn on when switching to a TV channel via tape. The cause of the error is unknown, but the developers promise to fix it soon. View with voice acting will definitely work in a separately downloaded program – IGTV.

Is there no progress? Try restarting your phone. Alternatively, you can reinstall the program – uninstall and re-download. This often helps to get rid of glitches that prevented the program from working correctly.

Now you know how to turn on sound on IGTV on Instagram. Problems happen as the platform is new and is still being finalized. But it is not always the only problem with him. The problem may lie in the phone itself. Follow our advice and don’t ban the Instagram app ahead of time. Look at the article: Instagram login “my page” – how to log in quickly from a PC and start viewing your favorite photos.

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