How to promotion Tik Tok: free and from scratch

How to promotion Tik Tok? This question interests many novice users of this social network. How to make sure that the video is seen by as many interested followers as possible? Competent promotion of TikTok requires a considerable amount of resources and time. But if you understand the mechanisms of work, it will be easy to achieve popularity. Here you will learn about the basic methods cheat subscribers, including how to promote a Tik Tok Free talk.

How to promotion Tik Tok from scratch

To gain popularity on TikTok, take important steps, without which a lively and active audience will not have to wait.

  • The first step is to decide on the subject of the video. Understand what you want to shoot, make a couple of rollers to test the pen, see which ones come out better. By the time of entering the platform, a kind of content plan should be formed.
  • Customize your profile. Enter the login that is indicated in your most popular social network. Add search words to the profile name, for example “Moscow time”, “St. Petersburg”, “Blog” and others. Write a short and concise profile description.
  • Leave links to other resources. You cannot leave a direct link in your profile yet. But you can leave the nickname and the name of the social network there. Although the link will be inactive, interested subscribers will click on it.
  • Create a pro account to collect statistics about views, subscribers.
  • Keep track of video quality. Change images from video to video, make your appearance brighter, more unusual. Follow the flash mobs and hashtags to reach the top. Calculate the timing to keep within the 15-60 second limit.

Ways to promote your Tik Tok

So, once you’ve styled your profile, you need to find your audience. You can cheat subscribers in tiktok in different ways. There are several methods:

  • mutual likes, subscriptions, comments;
  • mass following, massliking;
  • collaborations with other budding bloggers;
  • specifying other social networks. If other pages, for example, on Instagram or VKontakte are popular, indicate there a link to your profile in tik tok;

And of course, don’t forget about the videos themselves!

Free ways

Here we will talk about how to spin Tik Tok for free. This can be done using several services. You need to understand that free tiktok promotion methods are not as effective as paid ones. In addition, there are no completely free services. All of them are called shareware. They fall into two main categories:

  • Services with a limited trial period. Their promotion services can be used for free for a short period of time. It usually takes 1-3 days.
  • Exchange services. The point of exchanges is that users complete tasks, usually of an advertising nature, earning points. This earnings then need to be spent on promoting your profile. This option is not suitable for users who do not plan to invest a lot of time and effort into their profile.

To achieve popularity with live subscribers using these methods requires much more effort than using paid services. So, free services for boosting subscribers:

  • ru is one of the most popular in this category. The free period of use is limited, but even a small amount of time is enough to noticeably increase the number of subscribers;
  • Reliable service with a free trial;
  • ru – exchange with tasks in social networks. The user should go to people’s pages, put likes, leave comments and so on. So he earns points, which he spends on promoting his own account. This method will require a considerable amount of free time. Some even set up separate accounts to work with vktarget.

With free applications and sites, you need to be careful and use only trusted services. There is a great danger of downloading a virus to the device or not gaining subscribers, because the service may not fulfill the conditions.

For the money, the promotion will be much more effective than the previously described methods. Paid options are distinguished by the large number of followers that will come to your profile. Using such services, you can quickly rise to the top and recommendations. And with quality content, it won’t be difficult to stay there. Here are the most popular and trusted platforms:

  • ru. Here they gain an audience in the main popular social networks. The interface is clear, the program supports several pages in different social networks at the same time, and bonuses and discounts are provided for beginners. So promotion of tik tok with this service will be simple and fast.
  • This site has already been mentioned in the free ones, but still its paid functionality is much wider. With this portal, you can configure massliking, autocommenting and other processes important for promotion, which are long and boring to do manually
  • A time-tested site with promotion in various social networks. Tik Tok promotion has been available recently. Buy followers and likes here

Hashtags for promotion

One of the main differences between TikTok and other social networks is the importance of recommendations, even if the audience is small … Add hashtags to all posts. To achieve the greatest impact, put a few tags on the topic of the video, as well as a couple of the most famous ones to drive traffic. This way your product will be seen by both the target audience using local tags and viewers who followed the most popular tags.

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