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This modern social network is gaining popularity. It can be used from any gadget running on a wide variety of operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC and Mac computers. Using the messenger, you can receive unobtrusive advertising information, communicate with and without stickers. For the reason that most users use the resource from personal smartphones, it is worthwhile to study in more detail such an issue as registering in a telegram from a phone. If you follow the instructions described in this article, you can quickly create a personal profile in the messenger.

Register for telegram on your phone

Before starting work on a social network, you must first download a special application to your phone. After passing a simple registration, you need to activate the profile. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • By means of a unique activation code that comes in an SMS message;
  • Use regular voice service where the support operator will provide an activation code.

After registration, communication in the application will be quite easy and simple. the application can be easily and simply synchronized with all gadgets, and also independently transfers contacts from the available phone book. The main advantage of this social network is the ability to communicate simultaneously with more than 200 subscribers.

On Android

Installing the application and creating an account on smartphones of the operating system after solving the question of how to register in a telegram on the phone is quite simple. It is necessary to perform simple steps:

  1. Requires Google Play Portal.
  2. Telegram is typed in the search.
  3. In the SERP, you need to activate the required application.
  4. Activate the Install button.
  5. After the complete download, click Open.
  6. In a special welcome window, you will need to click on “Start …”.
  7. On the special tab “Your phone”, you need to activate the very first line by standard clicking and select a country in the list, and in the next field you will need to enter a mobile number, but without a state code.
  8. In the very corner you need to find a check mark and activate it.
  9. Specify full name.

After confirming this information with a special tick, the profile will be created. You must be prepared for the fact that the profile interface is designed in English. If you wish, you can translate it into any language. To register, you need to perform simple operations:

  • The Menu button is pressed in the upper corner of the messenger;
  • In the proposed list, select “Settings” or Settings;
  • The list is scrolled to the bottom. After that, you need to activate “Language” and select the best localization option from the list.

It should be noted that it will not work to set up the messenger in Russian. This localization is not available.

On iPhone

The process of solving the question of how to register a phone in a telegram is not much different from the above-described option. The only differences will relate to the overall functionality of the operating system. The registration and authorization process will also be carried out in English. The language can be changed after the account creation event is complete. The process of creating an account is carried out by performing the following actions:

  1. Find the app in the App Store and download it to your iPhone.
  2. The required country is selected from the list and the phone number is entered.
  3. Then you also need to enter the code that the system will send to the number and click on the checkbox with confirmation.

The process carried out on a personal computer is carried out in the same way as from an iPhone or from an android phone. The only difference is clicking the Next button instead of the check mark.

Mobile app benefits

The mobile version of the social network makes it possible to exchange a wide variety of messages for free, in real time and regardless of location. This is one of the main advantages of using the program, but the main condition is that every interlocutor has this application.

Another important advantage is the ability to send not only standard text messages, but files in the form of audio and video. Their volume should not exceed 2 GB.

Due to the large number of positive factors of network utilization, the number of users is increasing. The main thing is to carry out such an operation as registering in telegram from the phone. According to forecasts, very soon the telegram application will surpass such a well-known network as Facebook in terms of the number of users.

At the moment Telegram messenger is able to offer quite an interesting interface. The owner of the profile has the ability to change it depending on his taste by changing the wallpaper or avatars. Not so long ago, the function of fixing the location appeared, the main thing is that a competent registration is carried out.

Summing it up

As a conclusion, it should be noted that the program has recently implemented the MTProto protocol. This enables the functionality of the social network to provide the maximum level of security in the process of sending a message. Without fear, you can carry out such an important process as registering in telegrams from your phone. There is a useful blacklist feature that allows you to completely exclude unpleasant interlocutors.


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