Google Pay or Samsung Pay

What is better google pay or samsung pay? Since the owners of smartphones from Samsung have the opportunity to choose a payment service either from Google (which goes to all smartphones on the Android operating system), or from the gadget manufacturer.

However, it is a little incorrect to compare two payment services for different groups of phones, but a comparative analysis of the capabilities and functionality is not difficult to carry out.

Samsung Pay technology is the ability to contactlessly pay for purchases using a smartphone. To do this, you just need to bring the gadget with the configured application a couple of centimeters to the terminal. In 2020, most stores are equipped with terminals through which non-cash purchases are made using contactless payments with cards equipped with special modules and smartphones equipped with an NFC module. This module is built into almost all new generation gadgets. Consider Samsung pay and google pay.

Samsung pay vs google pay

Payment programs have a lot in common, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The similarities of both services:

  • Both programs work on devices with a built-in short-range wireless communication module called NFC.
  • The order of connection and settings is the same for both services on any smartphone.
  • Any device on the android operating system supports the utility.
  • This saves time when shopping and making payments, there is no need to enter the PIN code again, transfer money to the card or take it out of the wallet, because the smartphone is always at hand.

The main differences

What is better, Samsung pay or google pay. Since the products are from different companies, naturally they have differences, advantages and disadvantages of one in comparison with another. Consider how one service differs from another:

  • Samsung pay is limited to work only on smartphones from Samsung. From Google, the service can be used by all owners of smartphones on the Android operating system, including Samsung gadgets. The programs will work on android versions above 4.4.
  • Google pay is supported in all stores with payment terminals. Samsung Pay is less common. Look at the terminal where you pay with bank cards. In most cases, in addition to card icons (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard), there is a Google or Apple Pay icon.
  • The function of reading data from the magnetic stripe has been added to the Samsung pay. This does not work on all terminals yet.
  • The main aspect of the functioning of systems related to money is the security of payments and reliable protection of the user’s personal information. There are no electronic systems in the world that would provide one hundred percent safety. However, Google’s payment service was voted the world’s most secure payment processor last year. confidentiality is completely preserved when making payments in a store or online store, and the seller does not know your personal data in any way. Reliable algorithms allow this system to operate safely. Samsung’s security is not lame, but their service did not take the first place.
  • It is possible to use an unlimited number of bank cards in one application, which increases convenience. If the balance on one account has gone to zero, then it is easy to switch to another card than to transfer money from card to card once again. In addition, losing a wallet with all the cards is very unpleasant and nervous. However, Samsung has a limit of 10 cards, Google has no restrictions.
  • Samsung Pay does not require Internet access. You can use it even without the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of each service

The advantages of both payment systems:

  • The convenience of use,
  • Saving time when paying,
  • Payment security,
  • It will be possible to fit all the cards in one application and switch between them.

A service of this kind, the considered payment instruments, have a number of disadvantages:

  • Samsung Pay is limited to work only on smartphones from Samsung. Google Play is used by all owners of smartphones on
  • Works only on smartphones equipped with an NFC module,
  • Android version 4.4 or higher,
  • Lots of shops on the list that disturb some
  • To do this, you need a smartphone for the android operating system, a push-button phone or an iPhone will not work.
  • Not all shops are equipped with a payment terminal. Unfortunately, this is typical for Russia, where some stores still have outdated terminals or use only cash.

Modern smartphones run out of battery quickly. This is typical for most new generation gadgets. With active use, they cannot hold a charge for a long time. And at the moment before paying, sometimes the battery is discharged. Therefore, always check the charge and do not go shopping with a nearly discharged battery.

If you are the owner of a gadget from a Samsung, then you have to choose which is better. To do this, use our comparison.

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