Shazam online for computer without downloading in 2020

Shazam online is one of the TOP 10 apps downloaded by users of Android and iOS mobile devices. But is it realistic to use Shazam online for a computer without downloading in 2020? What options are possible for Windows to recognize a song, musical composition?

  • According to statistics, Shazam is used online by more than one hundred million people worldwide every month;
  • The utility can quickly recognize, find a song on your computer, a melody that you hear on the radio, etc.;
  • Also, you can search songs by lyrics when you know several lines. The application finds not only audio content, but also video clips, if they are on Youtube;
  • A big advantage is the simple interface that even beginners can figure out without using reference manuals.

How to use the Shazam utility online?

The search for songs using this software is as follows:

We connect to the Internet (Wifi or mobile access);

We go to the application menu on the smartphone, click on the icon of the program we need, which was previously installed from Google Play;

Start playing a fragment of a movie, song, clip or other content that requires identification (recognition);

In the program window or using the widget, click on the “Shazamit” button, now you need to bring the mobile device closer to the sound source to increase the likelihood of accurate analysis.

After 5 seconds (maximum), the found information will be displayed on the screen:

For the results to be correct, it is advisable for the computer to give Shazam to listen not only to the melody, but also to that part of the composition where there is a voice (someone is singing). This approach will provide up to 95% correct data.

  • The page with the found song also contains several tabs with lyrics, videos, popular artist tracks:
  • If we return to the main screen and scroll to the left, we will see the “My Shazam” section, where the history of operations is displayed:
  • And to the right of the main Shazam window, you can view a mix of your interests (they are set during the initial setup of the application):
  • The functionality is very decent, the interface is in Russian, even a weak Internet connection is enough to search. Beauty!

Shazam online for PC without downloading – how to find a song through a microphone?

There is one catch – the software is designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. That is, in theory, launching Shazam on a laptop is impossible. But there are quite a few workarounds that help remove all restrictions.

Previously, a solution for Windows 10 was available, but since July 2017, its support has been discontinued due to many negative reviews (glitches, crashes, freezes).

The easiest way is to install an Android operating system emulator. There are many varieties, consider the most popular.

Nox App Player

  • This solution is suitable even for computers with not very productive hardware. Works fine on my laptop.
  • Download the file from the official resource:
  • Run the exe file, wait for the installation to finish (5-10 minutes);
  • Open Nox Player via a shortcut on the desktop;
  • Go to “App Center” (Google Play Application Center):
  • In the search bar we write the name of the application that we want to find – Shazam (or even in Russian – “Shazam”):
  • When the result window is displayed, click on “Install”:
  • To return to the main interface, click Home on keyboard. We see the shortcut and open the program for music recognition:
  • Then we work on the same principle as in the case of a mobile device (phone / smartphone / tablet). See instructions above:

If you have problems with installing, configuring Nox Player – watch the video on the topic:

BlueStacks 4

Another good emulator to run Shazam on a computer, but this software requires more powerful hardware.

  • We go to the official site  and see on the right the download button for the installer. We click on it.
  • Installation takes place in a standard way, I did not notice any nuances that need to be told about.
  • When you start the emulator, you will see the Android OS interface in your window. As with any gadget running this system, you need to add your Google account, then you can safely go to the Play Market and download any software, including Shazam online.

Thus, installing Shazam on Windows 7 8 10 or other versions will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, you can’t do without downloading.

Using Shazam online through Bluestax on PC is as easy as it is on mobile devices. It is important that the laptop is connected to the Internet and equipped with a built-in or external microphone. Otherwise, how can the program detect music “by ear”?

Video – how to install Android on PC to recognize songs online

Below are a couple of training videos from our Youtube channel. With their help, learn how to install popular mobile OS emulators on your computer.

Shazam analogs for a computer

If you need a utility that can detect audio content without downloading, but you don’t want to use the emulator, then you should pay attention to alternative services. There are a couple of dozen of them, but I will only tell you about the most effective ones.


  • Although the resource is in English, it is very easy to use. In addition, it is able to recognize even whistling sounds. This is true when a song heard on the radio stuck in your head, and you can “voice” its motive.
  • Go to the site and click on the “Click and sing” button:
  • You will be asked to provide access to the microphone. Click “Allow”.
  • The recording process starts. For correct analysis, it is advisable to record at least 10 seconds. You can even hum, just try to do it well in order to give the online application at least some clues.
  • Once done, click on the same (Stop) button.
  • Comparison of the provided “sample” with the extensive base of Midomi will begin. The process will take no more than 5 seconds. It is almost the same if you launched Shazam online for a computer.

Doesn’t work in Google Chrome. Excellent – in Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Yandex browser.


This service works in a slightly different way. There is no need to sing or play anything like in Shazam. When you go to the resource page , you will see the following:

There are two options:

  • Select an audio file on your computer and then click on the Upload button.
  • Provide a link to the song on the Internet and click Proceed.

After that, the Audio Tag will start comparing the provided content with its audio base. Please note that you need to provide data with a duration of at least 15 seconds. This solution is optimal when you have a file that needs to be identified – find out the name, artist (group), album, etc.


An application created by domestic developers, which can be downloaded here . There will be several versions on the page, I advise you to choose a Russified archive without an installer. You will definitely not have any problems with it. It is enough to unpack the archiver into any folder and run the utility.

As for me, the software is very practical and easy to use. Alas, this is not Shazam online for a computer without downloading, but you will certainly be pleased with the interface and efficiency:

Alas, Tunatic is not very good friends with classics, instrumental. And it doesn’t always connect to the search server. Therefore, if this analogue of Shazam does not work, then it is better to move on to the next method.


The program is able to listen to sound from a microphone, which should be brought closer to the laptop speakers or speakers connected to the PC.

First, you should download the software  on the official resource page. There is a version not only for Windows, but also for MacOS.

An undesirable moment for many users in 2017 is the need to register. But this procedure will take no more than a minute. Then you can start recognizing.


A very cool foreign service that combines the capabilities of Shazam without downloading and a social network where people upload their samples, rate them, discuss, share with others. That is, the identification process is assigned to the “person”. There is no basis for comparison – just people listen to your recording and help you recognize the song / melody online. Alas, not the fastest way, but quite an exciting service for communicating with music lovers.

To register, go here  and then you can add content by clicking on the “Post a sample” button:

You will be notified of all changes, notifications via e-mail or on Facebook (if you used it to log in to WatZatSong.

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