What is Taplink

Taplink is a service thanks to which you can easily create your own mini-site. With the help of this site, you can tell about you, your company, place a catalog of goods or customer reviews. And, most importantly, for this you absolutely do not need any special knowledge in the field of programming, HTML layout, scripts, photoshop and other things.

All you need to do is two steps: register and select the necessary elements for your site. But, despite such simplicity of actions, many users still experience difficulties in creating and configuring Taplink.

And in this article I want to talk in detail about what Taplink is, as well as show you the whole process of installing and configuring various elements so that you can create your own unique website on your own. And I will also share a secret on how to make a cool Taplink. Well, let’s figure it out;) What is Taplink and why is it needed

Taplink is a service located on the Taplink.ru website with which you can create your own website for various platforms, for example, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others.

What is Taplink for:

  1. Placing information. With the help of this site you can easily place the necessary information about you or your business without any special knowledge of programming, Photoshop or HTML layout.
  2. Collecting a subscriber base. An audience is very important for any business, and a loyal audience is doubly important. But, as you know, not all social networks are designed to collect a subscriber base or the ability to make a mass mailing in order to personally convey the necessary information, but with the help of Taplink’s built-in functions, you can easily direct people to the site where it is technically possible to do this.
  3. Eliminates cumbersome profile descriptions. Very often, social networks do not imply large fields for filling in information about you or your activity, so with the help of Taplink you can solve this problem and add all the necessary data to the site.
  4. Business card. As you know, the site is an excellent platform to tell about yourself, your company and your activities, and with the help of Taplink you can easily create such a business card, even without special knowledge in the field of programming.
  5. Transfer of traffic to another social network or mailing list. Not all our clients are always in one place, for example, someone can come to us through Instagram, someone saw a group on VKontakte, someone follows you on Facebook, and it is quite difficult to work on all these databases at the same time, as each of these sites has its own characteristics. Therefore, it is most effective to choose one place and direct all efforts there. Taplink is a great tool for this task, as its functionality allows you to add the necessary links.

In other words, Taplink is a service for creating a mini-site with which you can post the necessary information, collect a subscriber base in a social network convenient for you, or make a business card for your business.

Now let’s look at how this tool is used in various business niches.

At this point, I want to show you examples of Taplink in the 5 most popular niches of the Internet, as well as acquaint you with those elements that are most often used when creating these sites for specific areas.

Online store:

  • product catalogs;
  • checkout;
  • product reviews;
  • the address of the office or point of issue;
  • promotions;
  • communication methods.

Beauty sphere:

  • list of services;
  • service prices;
  • portfolio;
  • making an appointment;
  • questions to the master;
  • announcement of new services;
  • promotions;
  • reviews.


  • course schedule;
  • description of courses;
  • certificates,
  • licenses,
  • diplomas;
  • online course recording;
  • payment for courses;
  • announcement of new courses;
  • reviews;
  • information about teachers.

Network marketing:

  • Information about the company;
  • information about the team;
  • communication methods;
  • registration in the team;
  • information about yourself and your results.

Online marketing, promotion, advertising or SMM specialists:

  • Description of services;
  • service prices;
  • reviews;
  • cases / examples of work;
  • communication methods;
  • service order.

The medicine:

  • description of medical services;
  • recommendations / contraindications;
  • appointment for a consultation / procedure;
  • Description of services;
  • questions about services;
  • information about doctors.

A little life hack: if you want to find more examples in your niche, then go to the search engine, enter taplink.cc/ and the keyword of your area in English, for example smm, marketing, mlm, and click “search”. Based on the search results, you will receive examples of Taplinks.

As you may have noticed, Taplink with its functionality suits many niches, as the service allows you to reveal the necessary information about yourself, your services and business. Next, we will consider with you what tariffs are, how to install Taplink and how to configure it.

Three tariffs are available in the Taplink service as of 25.09.2019: basic tariff, PRO tariff, BUSINESS tariff. Let’s consider them in detail.

Basic rate

When registering for the service, you will have access to the basic tariff. It is absolutely free, but the functionality of this tariff is limited.

Within the framework of this tariff, the following elements are available to you:

  1. building blocks;
  2. customizing text and response parameters;
  3. inserting blocks of questions and answers;
  4. ready-made designs for the site;
  5. total stats.

This tariff is suitable for those who want to use Taplink as a communication channel between different sites or for posting basic information about themselves and their company.

PRO tariff

This tariff is something in between the basic tariff and the full BUSINESS tariff, which I will talk about a little later. In this tariff there are no fancy functions, as there is in the BUSINESS tariff, however, there are much more opportunities for creating your own website. The cost of this tariff is 180 rubles per month.

What is available in this tariff in addition to the elements that are in the basic tariff:

  1. displaying blocks on a schedule, that is, you can set the date and time of displaying a certain element;
  2. statistics of clicks on links;
  3. customizing your site design;
  4. the ability to send a message to WhatsApp;
  5. adding social networks;
  6. adding video and picture carousel;
  7. adding a map with a mark;
  8. inserting HTML code;
  9. adding a Facebook pixel to collect audience parameters for targeted ads.

This tariff is an excellent option for those who need their own website, where they need to place information, as well as their contact information.


This is the most complete tariff presented in Taplink, where, in addition to the functions of the base tariff and the PRO tariff, you get tools for creating and working in an online store. The cost of this tariff is 580 rubles per month.

What is available to you in this tariff besides the elements that are in the base tariff and PRO tariff:

  1. creation of internal pages;
  2. inserting a countdown timer;
  3. the ability to hide the service logo on the site;
  4. adding a form for accepting applications;
  5. adding an online store to Instagram;
  6. adding notifications and instant messengers;
  7. accepting payments and the ability to integrate with online cash registers;
  8. adding a CRM system.

This tariff is suitable for those who want a full-fledged website with a built-in online store and the ability to accept payments.

If you want to fully use this service, then I advise you to choose one of the paid tariffs, since in the basic tariff the functionality is minimal and does not solve many problems that are in the promotion, for example, contacting you with the help of instant messengers or social networks, adding a photo and video, accepting payments and adding a store catalog.

  1. Go to the website Taplink.ru
  2. Click “try now”
  3. Click “register”
  4. Log in with Instagram. Then the system will transfer you to the Instagram website, where you will continue the authorization process, namely, you will need to enter your username, password from your account and accept the user agreement.

All. You now have a Taplink account.

As for the service itself, the following functions are available to you in your account:

  • Page – here you can add, remove and edit the blocks that will make up your site. It also contains information about your tariff and a link to your Taplink.
  • Statistics – this section is responsible for collecting information about the number of views on your site and clicks on links.
  • Applications – this section of the menu is responsible for applications and contacts collected using Taplink. This function is available only on the BUSINESS tariff.
  • Products – this section is responsible for the catalog of your products, which is posted on the Taplink website and available for ordering, product archives, collections, promotions, etc. This function is available only on the BUSINESS tariff.
  • Modules – in this section you can select the modules that are necessary for your site, for example, CRM systems, notifications, legal information and more. I draw your attention to the fact that different modules are available at different tariffs.
  • Settings – this section is responsible for the appearance and parameters of your Taplink. Here you can choose the design of your site, set general settings such as time, language, currency, etc., install a payment system and set up an online store on the BUSINESS tariff.

Step 2 – add the necessary blocks for the site

In order to create a site based on Taplink, you need to select blocks and arrange them in the desired order. After registering an account, as I said, you will have access to a basic plan with a limited number of tools for creating websites. If you need more elements to work, then choose the PRO or BUSINESS tariff.

  1. Go to the “Page” tab
  2. Click “add new block”
  3. Select the block to add
  4. Making the necessary settings
  5. Click “save”
  6. Next, you can change the order of the blocks by holding down the button to the left of the block
  7. In order to make changes to the block, click on it, and a window for editing will open.

You can add unlimited number of blocks, however, I recommend that you stay within 20 blocks.

Step 3 – customize the look of the site

After you have added all the necessary blocks, you need to choose a website design. Options for customizing the appearance are in the “settings” tab.

As for the base rate, here you will have access to standard themes and gradients.

As for the PRO and BUSINESS tariffs, here you have access to topics in a specific topic or the ability to create your own topic.

After your site is ready, copy the link to it in the “page” section and place it on the site you need, for example, on a page on social networks.

All. Here we are with you and installed Taplink. Now you can use this tool in your work, for example, when promoting your account or when setting up an autodirect.

With the help of such a simple and fast algorithm, you can independently create your own website in the Taplink service. But that’s not all ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember when I promised I was going to tell you the secret way to create a cool Taplink? I know how to keep my promises, so keep the algorithm that will allow you to create a cool website effortlessly.

How to create a cool Taplin in 4 steps

Step 1 – Determine the main goals of the site

At this stage, you need to answer 3 questions:

  • What action should a user who gets to your site take (for example, read material, watch a video, leave contacts, make a purchase, etc.)?
  • How can your site be useful to the user (for example, he can get free material, get acquainted with information about the business, view products, etc.)?
  • What blocks will help you achieve the tasks that you set for yourself in the first two questions?

And here we are using the life that I wrote about above. Let’s break it down in detail.

  1. We go into any search engine, for example, I’ll take Yandex, and enter taplink.cc/ in the search bar
  2. After the word taplink.cc/ we enter the word in English, which is the key for your niche.
    1. Let’s say I’m a photographer and I want to find examples of Taplink in this area. To do this, I will enter three words “foto”, “photographer”, “photo”
    2. With this simple method, you can easily find Taplink examples for your niche or activity.

Step 3 – Putting together a template for your site

  1. After you have found examples for your niche, highlight the 10 most interesting or attractive ones.
  2. Write down which blocks were used in these examples.
  3. Highlight the 5 most common blocks.
  4. Arrange these blocks in a logical order that will lead to a key outcome (recall the questions from step 1)

Step 4 – Create a website in the service

At this stage, you just have to assemble the site directly in the service: select and arrange the necessary blocks according to the template that we compiled in step 3, add the necessary information and choose the site design.

All. Just 4 steps and your website is ready. You are gorgeous.

I hope that this algorithm will allow you to quickly and efficiently create your website based on the Taplink service.

By the way, right now we can start practicing: in the comments, throw off the Taplink that you got, and I will give recommendations and tips on how to strengthen them.

See you in the next articles ๐Ÿ˜‰

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