Tik tok advertising: how to set up and prices

TikTok advertising will help you attract new viewers, because the new hosting is in the center of attention of almost all users of the world wide web. The app took the first position in terms of the number of downloads this year. Tik Tok is an application with a multi-million audience that is conquering more and more countries. Most of Tik Tok’s users are youngsters and teenagers, but video hosting is starting to attract the attention of the older generation.

Tik Tok ad cost

Ads on TikTok are not yet very common and are more favorably received by users. For superiority in this segment, you will have to pay a rather high price, taking into account average prices. The minimum cost to launch a campaign on this platform in 2019 is $ 500. Most of the users of the social platform are young people under the age of 25, so promoting their business in Tik Tok is beneficial for brands aimed at a young audience. To post your post in this application, do the following:

  • Register on the Tiktok Ads portal;
  • After entering the site, click on the “Create an Ad” button;
  • Specify the country of residence and select the type of content (business promotion or personal page promotion);
  • Fill out the page with personal data: your full name, company name, email address, phone number, your office address, the area in which you specialize, your company’s website or a link to your personal page, you want to advertise;
  • Click on the “Submit” button;
  • After submitting an application, the site administrators will contact you within five days with detailed information on how to post a video on TikTok.

The application does not support direct placement of advertisements on the platform, all videos go through TikTok administrators and it is not fully known by what criteria they select what will be posted on the portal. If you want to promote your account, try to negotiate directly with one of the popular bloggers in personal correspondence. Many girls earn money by promoting other channels in their profile to popular music.

Tik Tok YouTube Ads

If you want to make money with your account in the application, TikTok advertising on YouTube will come in handy. Video hosting is one of the most visited sites and advertising on YouTube is a common thing. Find out what types of it are on a well-known hosting. The most popular view is called TrueView. With this method of promoting your content, you upload a video dedicated to your channel and pay for it only if the viewer has watched more than 30 seconds of the video or clicked on the link. There are two types of this promotion:

  • In-Stream: The video starts immediately before the video that the user clicks on. The required time for watching the video is five seconds, after which the YouTube visitor can click on the play button of the selected video or watch the advertisement if he is interested in it.
  • In-Display: Ads run before moving on to the next video and act as glue content.

To set up TikTok ads on YouTube:

  1. Open Google Adwords, click on the “Campaign” button and select “Video advertising on YouTube”.
  2. Enter your daily budget and time frame.
  3. You can make the promotion targeted, targeting a specific audience. To do this, select the country of residence, language, gender, age and interests of your potential viewers.
  4. After you have configured the promotion parameters, specify the maximum bid that you are willing to pay for one video view and define the budget for the day.
  5. Select the type of location: In-Stream or In-Display and click the Save Ad Group button.

TikTok Instagram Ads

Tik Tok ads can also be placed on Instagram. It is downloaded as short videos in between posts or stories. To place it in the application:

  1. Create an Instagram and Facebook account.
  2. Open a Facebook profile, select “Create Page”, select the most appropriate option that characterizes the page, for example, the item “Entertainment”.
  3. Go to this page, open the “Settings” item, select the “Ads in Instragram” item, on the right side, click on the “Add account” button. The linked account will be displayed in this field.
  4. Click on the white arrow on the right in the upper part of the window, select “Create advertisement”.
  5. In the detailed settings, select the items “Coverage”, “Video views” and “Conversion”.
  6. At the bottom, specify the name of the campaign and click on the “Set up an advertising account” button.
  7. Enter the title on the next page.
  8. Then select the conversion type “Application”.
  9. Configuring target audience parameters and moving on to content placement types.
  10. Select the item “Edit placements” and indicate the sites on which the advertisement will be placed (in this case, Instagram).
  11. Set the budget and schedule for the placement.
  12. Select the Tik Tok ad format and upload the image.
  13. Specify the address of the advertised page.
  14. Add a description to the post and specify the card details for payment.

How to set up targeted ad in tick tok

A targeted post means that it is aimed at specific followers. Aspects of a targeted campaign include:

  • Country of residence and language;
  • Gender and age;
  • Marital status;
  • Interests.

When creating TikTok ads on YouTube and Instagram, you have the opportunity to adjust the parameters of the target audience. This will help increase the productivity of your campaign and attract interested users.

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