Tik Tok wave on your phone: basic ways

How to make waves in TikTok is interesting to many users, because such processing makes video content more attractive to subscribers. Waves can be found in almost all videos. A similar effect in the frame looks like slight twitching or real waves. This effect is especially cool when done with music overlaid on the clip.

What are waves and what makes them special?

In tiktok, users are given the opportunity to shoot and edit videos of various genres such as slowmo or sketches, tutorials, etc. The program is available for free on phone devices with any software – iOS or Android. Filmed videos are uploaded for general viewing in the public domain. If the video is memorable and vivid, then it will be included in the recommendations and will lead the profile owner to the TOP Tik Tok.

You can create a catchy video using different video editor gadgets. These chips include the effect of waves. To make the image look dynamic, a slight twitch of the frame is applied, reminiscent of the flow of waves. But for greater effect, you need to choose the right music.

How to learn to make Tik Tok waves on your phone

Learning how to create waveforms in videos is easy. But don’t expect top-notch material the first time. It takes some practice to get beautiful waves.

On Android

Let’s look at the process of creating a video with waves on the example of an android. The process is simple. You need to choose the right melody for the future clip, start the camera and select the shooting speed.

During shooting in a place with a ripple effect, stop shooting, change the speed of the video and shoot again, shaking your phone like on water. When the video effect ends, resume filming normally. After you finish filming, watch the video to make sure the recording is complete and the wave effect is working as expected.

On iPhone

The algorithm for making waves in Tik Tok looks similar on iPhone devices. You will also need to select a melody, pause shooting and change the video recording speed. The process of creating a video with a wave effect is not difficult, and the result is strikingly unusual, which attracts subscribers.

Step-by-step instructions for creating waves

To avoid mistakes, we suggest that you read the step-by-step instructions for creating a video clip with waves. To get high quality video content, it is better to shoot during the daytime or in good lighting. Approach the process seriously and with imagination, think over the idea of ​​the video in advance, choose the right melody.

What you need to do to make a cool wave video:

  1. Play the selected music for the clip. You can choose your options, download from the phone memory, or use the assortment from the application library. Better to use popular tracks that you hear.
  2. Turn on the front camera and adjust the shooting speed. For video with a wave, you need to choose 2x – this option is best suited.
  3. Listen to the song to determine where the wave will be.
  4. Start shooting, move around, curl up in the frame as planned.
  5. At the right time, you should stop shooting, change the video recording speed to 0.5x.
  6. Start the shooting process again, and then gently shake the phone as if on waves. At this point, the ripple effect will be created. Knowledgeable tiktokers recommend not to jerk the camera too sharply, rather smooth and light rocking around.
  7. Now you need to press pause again. Set the previous speed and continue recording in normal mode.

Review the resulting material. If it doesn’t work out, it’s better to reshoot right away. The finished video can be edited as much as you like, cut or prescribe hashtags. Such processing will help to promote the profile faster. Only when you get what you want, upload the clip for viewing.

After practicing on several videos, any blogger can create a beautiful and memorable clip. Processed videos with various effects attract users’ attention and increase the popularity of your account.

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