Tiktok recommendations: what it is and how to get there

How to get into recommendations in TikTok to significantly increase the amount of subscribers through frequent impressions in 2019? Below we will tell you what recommendations in Tik Tok are and what you need to do in order for the published video to appear in this section.

How to get into recommendations in TikTok

Tik Tok Service is a popular mobile application , which allows you to share with the surrounding short 15-second clips with superimposed effects and music. The service has several interesting features:

  • Built-in editor for shortening and increasing the length of the video;
  • Create duets with other users in a split screen;
  • Ability to add multiple clips and effects to the video;
  • The built-in filters can significantly improve the picture on the screen.

TikTok helps to have fun, to combine filmed video with popular music, develop a profile and gain subscribers. The main aspiration of every TikTok user is to get into the “Recommendations” section so that the video is shown to other people who can become potential account subscribers.

There are several rules for getting into a section:

  1. Pay special attention to creating your profile when registering. The profile must contain the name of the channel, the author’s photo is attached, a section with a description of the author and published content has been added.
  2. Choose a title for your video. Many beginners tiktokers are sure that the name of the video should be written only in Latin letters, while in fact there is not much difference, in what language the title is published. The main rule is a simple and consonant name, both for the published videos and for the channel itself, so that it can be easily remembered after the first reading.
  3. Pick an avatar. You can add an ordinary photo, or you can process the picture using special graphic editors. It is not recommended to change your photo beyond recognition.

What are rivers in Tik Tok

TikTok recommendations is a section that both beginners and popular bloggers strive to get into. The word “REC” in the social network means the beginning of the video recording process. As soon as you are logged into the program, have selected the appropriate filters and effects for your video, set the time parameters, you need to click on the “Rec” button on the screen to start the process of creating content. The maximum video length is no more than 15 seconds.

You can add sound from an existing library to your published post. Music search is carried out by keywords, you can also see the list of popular music on the social network.

How to get into recommendations in Tik Tok

To get into the recommendations on TikTok, it is important to decide in advance on the interior where the video will be filmed. The main requirement for the room is that it must be clean and tidy. The background can be basic, you can use thematic elements for design, depending on the subject of the video. It is important to install the light in the room correctly, it should illuminate enough tiktokery so that no dark spots remain, also not allowed too exposed face.

Particular attention is paid to the quality of shooting, muddy pixel videos may fall into the recommendations section, but they will not stay there for long.

If you plan to shoot hands-free, you should worry about buying a tripod in advance that will hold your phone or camera while shooting. You can also record full-length videos using a tripod.

Tidy appearance and author of the content is important. Hair should be washed, clothes clean and intact, girls have light makeup on their faces.


We have decided what rivers in Tik Tok are. You can get to the section absolutely free. To make high-quality and in-demand videos, it is important not to forget about the functions of the built-in editor. Using the function, you can add effects, stickers, filters, etc. To work with the editor you need:

  1. Open the app on your smartphone. Click the + sign at the bottom of the screen to open the Settings section.
  2. Select a suitable effect from the list. In addition to basic filters, the beat can also speed up and slow down the recorded video.
  3. Save your settings and publish the video.

Third-party social networks Instagram, Facebook, Twitter can be used to develop and promote your account.

First Time

To get into the recommendation the first time, it is important to gain a large audience of subscribers, for this you can use a number of tricks:

  1. Participate in themed events on the social network.
  2. Include hashtags in the video description section;
  3. Comment on the content of top bloggers, interesting phrases can attract attention from potential followers.

As soon as the account becomes popular </ a>, you can earn additional income through advertising.

How do I get Tik Tok videos to be featured in recommendations? Do not forget to add trending hashtags to the description of the video, as well as links that describe what is happening in posted content.

Sometimes you can shoot a video purposefully for certain hashtags. Most often used in social networks:

  • # like4like;
  • # l4l;
  • # comment4comment;
  • # c4c;
  • #feautereme.

If there are no followers

If there are no followers, it is important to create interesting content in new and unique places to reach the recommendation section.

Top video ideas for TikTok include:

  1. Lip sync with background music;
  2. Shooting split screen duets with other users;
  3. Taking pictures of pets in cute situations.

Algorithm for recommendations

The TikTok recommendation algorithm works as follows – the video is added to the section even if the account has no subscribers, as a result, your videos can be watched within 5 minutes after publication … The operation of the account withdrawal function is divided into several stages, depending on the current stage, the video is shown in the recommendations 100, 200, 400, 800 times, etc.

At the first stage, the user receives 100 impressions, if the video is popular, it is not only watched, but also commented, like, the account goes to the second stage and receives 200 impressions.

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