TikTok verification: how to get your account

Verified on Tiktok is a kind of quality mark on this social network. It builds user confidence and helps protect your account from the appearance of clones.

In this article, we will consider in detail all types of verification in TikTok, why you need a checkmark at all and how to get it.

For what they give and what does a checkmark in TikTok mean

What are the benefits of a checkmark on TikTok, and why are so many eager to get one?

Audience trust. Users know how difficult it is to get a checkmark on any social network, especially if you are not a well-known person outside of it. A verified account is proof that this page belongs to a real person or company, and not to some scammer. There is more confidence in such accounts, new users are more willing to subscribe to them.

Popularity indicator. Famous personalities and TOP bloggers have check marks. A verified account shows that you are popular in your circles and interesting to the audience.

Protection from clones. The checkmark confirms that you are the real owner of the account. It helps protect yourself and your subscribers from plagiarism and fraudsters posing as you.

Promotion. You may have noticed that in the TikTok trends (in the web version), as well as in the section of recommended videos, videos of those who are already popular are often hanging. And in the section with recommended accounts, you can see many profiles with a check mark. The logic is that the more people follow you and watch your videos, the more chances the video and profile have to take advantageous positions. Since a checkmark increases trust and encourages other users to follow you, it can ultimately help promote the video and the account as a whole.

Interest from advertisers. All of the above affects the attitude of advertisers towards you. With a verified account, you can expect a gradual increase in ad revenue. Of course, customers look more at the content, the number of subscribers and their activity, but a check mark is an additional plus and motivation for advertisers to choose you.

Important: do not get hung up on getting a check mark or get upset if you don’t have one. You can earn on TikTok without a checkmark. It’s much more important to make quality content.

Types of verification in Tik-Tok

Initially, TikTok had 3 types of checkboxes: gaining popularity, popular author, and verified account.

Gaining popularity

This checkmark was assigned if the author had 50,000 or more subscribers, less often from 20,000. Popularity was assessed by the growth of subscribers and likes.

Authors with more than 200,000 subscribers could count on this checkbox.

The first 2 checkmark were not permanent – the TikTok robots rechecked all conditions once a month for the first checkmark and every 2 months for the second. The checkmarks could be assigned or taken away at any time.

You could also see the checkmarks reflecting the activities of the author, for example, “musician”.

At the time of publication of the article in TikTok, they removed all the previous checkmarks and left only one – “verified account”. It is not yet clear whether they will be returned back, new ones will be invented, or only one checkmark will remain in TikTok.

Verified account

This status is received by TOP bloggers, brands and stars. If the previous 2 checkboxes were assigned automatically by the TikTok algorithm, then the “verified account” requests are checked manually. Previously, for verification, you had to have at least 1 million subscribers, but in 2020 you can apply for a checkmark starting from 20,000 followers.

How to get verification and get a checkmark on TikTok

Individuals and brands known outside the social network can expect to be verified immediately after registering with TikTok – these are show business stars, politicians, and other famous personalities. Everyone else will have to go through the standard procedure:

Collect from 20,000 subscribers. The bigger, the better.

Write a letter in English to tiktok.easteu.creators@tiktok.com. It must contain the following data:

  • link to your TikTok profile;
  • number of subscribers;
  • links to other social networks and the number of subscribers in them;
  • you can write your comments, for example, why you think you are worthy of a checkmark.

A response from technical support should come within 1-3 days. If at least one of the requirements is not met, the administration has the right to refuse verification. You may be required to provide documentary proof of your identity. If it didn’t work the first time, work on the content and try again after a while.

How to increase the likelihood of getting a checkmark

The decision of the TikTok administration to confirm the verification of the account and issue the coveted checkmark is influenced not only by the number of subscribers or confirmation of identity. There are other selection criteria. We do not know everyone (TikTok has its own rules), but here is what most likely affects the passage of verification:

  1. The growth rate of subscribers. If the account is actively gaining popularity, this is a good sign for TikTok. Naturally, we are not talking about artificial cheats, you can get an account ban for them, and not a checkmark. The growth should be natural.
  2. Frequency of publications. The account must not be abandoned. Any site loves those who regularly post new content, this is logical. How often do I post videos? There are no clear rules, it all depends on the content. Some bloggers post videos every day, others a couple of times a week. If you haven’t posted a video for a long time, first resume activity, revive your profile, and then submit a verification request. Not sure what to upload? We have a lot of video ideas.
  3. Profile activity. An indicator of interesting content is the activity of subscribers in the profile, comments, likes. If an account has many subscribers, but few likes and comments, then either the content is uninteresting, or the subscribers are screwed up.
  4. Creativity. This indicator also plays an important role. Try to make original videos, this will help to gain subscribers and earn the favor of the TikTok administration. And, of course, the content should be unique, not stolen – uploading someone else’s videos, posing as your own, will not work, such actions are immediately recognized and suppressed.


In 2020, only 1 checkmark remained on the social network – “verified account”. To get a checkmark in Tik-Tok, you first need to upgrade your account, and only then apply to the admins of the social network. There is more trust in a verified account on the part of subscribers and advertisers, a check mark indirectly helps to increase the profile’s popularity and, accordingly, increase the blogger’s income.

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