Tiktokers – who they are and what are they so famous for

Many people know who Tiktokers are. Tik Tok is a popular chatting and video sharing app. A social network from China is developing rapidly. Already today, here you can find a lot of pages from the TOP, characterized by hype and high income. Among them are the accounts of Russian celebrities.

Who are TikTokers

Every social network has users who have only high-quality content and a wide audience. Popularity on the platform is earned by them using artificial cheats, or through hard work or banal luck. Tiktokers – who is it. In fact, these are TikTok network users who have many followers and likes.

Although any character from tiktok can be considered a tiktoker, they all have a page on the social network and are actively involved in blogging. Considering that the target audience of the application is teenagers, teenagers who have not reached the age of majority usually become Tiktokers.

Why they are so popular

We figured out who TikToker is. This is a person who opened an account on the TikTok social network and is actively blogging in it. Why are they popular and who is leading this year. Such profiles are in the top of the best in Tik Tok.

  • @KristenHancher – with unusual content and interesting appearance, it has already attracted over 23 million subscribers;
  • @lorengray is a singer with over 35 million subscribers;
  • @tanishacoezee – the girl earned more than 3 million subscribers by posting events from her own life;
  • @lizzza – a well-known personality on Insta, YouTube and Tik Tok, presents to its subscribers (more than 15 million) various projects in the beauty industry;
  • @Savko is the first among Russian tiktokers, which became popular with over 5 million subscribers;
  • @ _Alexandr.t_ is another Russian who has become a popular tiktoker, especially among girls.

And there are many. Moreover, some of them earn a lot, although none of the bloggers is in a hurry to talk about the level of their own earnings. According to some sources, singer @lorengray earns $ 22-35 thousand on each publication, and @KristenHancher – $ 13-22 thousand. The main profit for profile owners comes from monetization and advertising.

The profitability of a Tik Tok account is determined by the number of active subscribers. Marketers have calculated that the average account earns $ 2-3 per 1 million subscribers. If the rating was inflated for the profile artificially, that is, through various services from outside, then most of the subscribed pages are inactive, since these are bots created for a one-time subscription. They negatively impact your account rating.

Among Russian bloggers, @Benjikrol (6.8 million subscribers), @Olgessa (3.7 million), @ salavat.fidai (3.6 million .), etc. Ratings are updated daily, so everyone can become a leader, you just need to work on the uniqueness of the posted content.

Although Tik Tok annoys most Russians with intrusive advertisements, videos with stupid antics and other nonsense, in the world the social network has settled on smartphones from a billion users, whose number continues to grow. It is difficult to explain the strange phenomenon of the popularity of the Chinese application, but Tik Tok continues to spread and acquire new users.

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