What can be written in the status on Instagram

How to set the status on Instagram? Before you rush to follow instructions and advice, be aware that there are two types of header messages:

  • content of the “About me” field;
  • gray status.

The first type extends to personal and commercial social networking pages. Assumes arbitrary editing of the corresponding profile graph.

To do the second type, first switch to a business account. Gray notification – identifier of the type of activity of a public person or company.

In the article, we will give examples of successful designs of the messenger’s online statuses. The latter are placed in the account description and under the posted photos.

How to write a status on Instagram

Manually prescribing or changing quotes in the header of a personal blog:

  • open the official client of the media platform;
  • tap the image of the man to go to the profile;
  • press the edit command;
  • focus on the About Me column;
  • write or paste content;
  • check the box in the upper right corner to stop editing;
  • click the checkmark again to apply the changes.

What can you write in the status?

Add some “handwriting” to your profile or post summary as you explore what to write in the status. There are amateur and business promotion-oriented posts on Instagram. This is the main criterion for selecting the correct statuses.

The next point is the binding to the promoted hashtags. Make a meaningful notification by analyzing tags # love, #life, #nature, #friendship, etc.

Publishing emoticons implies using a PC browser if the application does not have an enter button:

  • open an account from a web browser;
  • click the little man icon to launch your personal account directly;
  • tap the “Edit Profile” caption;
  • move focus to the About Me column;
  • type a description;
  • add carriage returns where needed;
  • commit the changes by tapping the checkmark in the upper right corner;
  • see how the status is displayed on a smartphone in the Instagram program;
  • run the software from your phone;
  • publish emoji.

Get support from portals to post the relevant texts. It is not necessary to copy-paste the material. Take ready-made quotes as a basis for your thoughts and customize it for your own blog /project.

Basic examples

Take a look at some sample pieces of information that come in handy when you think of what you can write on your Instagram status:

  • activities of the institution;
  • doing things in your spare time;
  • blogging profession;
  • links with other social platforms;
  • contact details of the page owner.

Among authors promoting a personal brand or goods and services, the ability to correctly add status to images is appreciated. As the credibility of the followers increases.

Descriptive posts are better perceived by fans adding likes and discussions. Follow two lines of feedback when filling your account records:

  • distribution of recommendations to the fans;
  • Asking questions about opinions, impressions, etc.

Submit a call to action – open a portal to explore the product in more detail, or add entries to Direct to educate you about the purchase. Give the request a compelling story so you don’t look like a trite businessman among other salespeople J

In addition to beautifully playing the deal, arrange a promotion for the fans. The gesture will increase the loyalty of a particular person to the promoted product or service.

How to post a status on Instagram

We have figured out what can be written in the status on Instagram. Now here is the algorithm for setting a gray signature:

  • open the social platform software;
  • run the configuration of your personal account (tap of three strips and the line “Settings”);
  • tap the word “Account”;
  • check the More Tools command;
  • indicate the type of activity in the messenger – author’s developments or commercial patronage (options are provided with tips for the correct definition);
  • type a category or select a ready-made description in the lower catalog;
  • link your photo hosting account to Facebook – link to the page.

Available and checkout the new profile by clicking the appropriate button:

  • enter a name;
  • like Instagram put a category;
  • enter email and phone number;
  • change the position of the radio buttons shown in the screenshot to active.

Note that you can increase the potential for promoting your blog through category definition. Photos and videos are optimally processed by a search engine if the de facto account belongs to a regulated type of activity.

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