What does it mean to archive on Insta:what is it for

What does it mean to archive on Instagram – what does an action mean – a question, having received an answer to which, you can temporarily remove content from the feed. Previously, when you delete it, it was impossible to return. This was regrettable. The developers have come up with an archiving option. This article provides information on how to use the new function.

What does it mean to archive on Instagram?

Before describing in detail the features of archiving, it is worth considering the main advantages:

  • Save;
  • You can delete annoying publications;
  • Hide irrelevant photos.

To achieve these positive factors, it is worth understanding what this option means. How to do it correctly and how to return the video.

What does it mean to archive a photo?

This operation means movement. You can move from the feed to a section where publications are temporarily stored. If you want to hide the picture from users for a while, you can use this option.

This desire arises when looking at secret, intimate, unfortunate pictures. You can hide it from strangers, but keep access to yourself. Publications are temporarily transferred to a special section. The photo can be returned or removed from the social network without return.


Content in this category can be stored in a special section. But unlike photographs, videos of such a plan go into the archive on their own. The main condition here is considered – not to delete the previously set 24 hours.

After staying on the page for 24 hours, the video or image goes into a hidden section accessible to the owner. Stories, if desired, can be moved to the section with the current one. Tabs like this are becoming popular. They can be divided by topic.


If it is necessary to mark up the publication in the archive and decide what it means to archive in the insta, the user should act according to the following clear scheme:

  1. The page should be opened. The icon with a little man in the lower right corner is pressed.
  2. We need to find the photo to hide.
  3. The three-dot icon is pressed.
  4. The corresponding function is selected from the menu.

An offer to hide the image appears when you intend to remove content. But users often confuse the options offered. Click the wrong place, delete and do not undo anything.

What is the archive function for?

It is now worth every user to figure out how to delete a photo. This opens up many benefits for account holders. The photo network is considered public, there are publications and posts that you do not want to show.

In this case, you can hide the content in the profile from outsiders. You can transfer images for a while, then unzip them. If it becomes clear that the post does not need to be restored, it is permanently deleted. It will not appear.

There are situations when the photo turned out to be unsuccessful, but a lot of useful information was written in the comments. Hiding posts is a good solution. The picture is hidden, but access to the information is preserved.

How do I cancel an archive?

While examining the function of how to transfer posts and what it means to archive a photo on Instagram, one cannot but consider how to return it back, if necessary. In this case, you can perform such manipulations as:

  • You need to go to the social network storage;
  • Here you should find photo content that you want to restore;
  • After clicking on three dots, a menu appears;
  • It selects the button responsible for displaying the post in the feed.

After performing this operation, previously made changes to the placement order will be automatically canceled. Content is returned to the feed.

Based on this information, it becomes clear that transferring content and returning it back to Instagram is quite easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions and recommendations presented in the article.

Summing it up

Despite the fact that the described new archive option appeared relatively recently, there is no person who would not take advantage of such a proposal and did not archive. If you need to temporarily hide and save instagram posts, there is no better option than periodically archiving.

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