What is an Instagram carousel:how to find, create and post it

The Instagram carousel is a new feature that appeared on the social platform three years ago. From now on, users are free to diversify the “filed” publications. You no longer need to use collages to place multiple photos in one post.

Collages have receded into the background due to degradation of detail and image quality. In addition, the participants of the photo hosting got rid of the need to download third-party software. The function is built into the official Instagram client.

Here’s a quick guide to handling the carousel:

  • navigation is done using arrows, but this applies to the computer version;
  • in the mobile version, viewing is carried out by flipping through individual frames (swipes);
  • the number of added elements corresponds to the number of dots under the post;
  • The matter is not limited to the placement of images – videos are supported;
  • The longest footage is 50 minutes.

An alternative name for this option is a slider.

We figured out what an Instagram carousel is, and how to find it on your phone, now we’ll figure it out:

  • log into the social network program;
  • scroll through the News Feed until the publication appears, followed by an ellipsis under the picture or video;
  • additional slider identification – an icon of several white squares on the first element;
  • swipe the photo to the right to reveal the next one and repeat the process until you run out of images;
  • you can travel on the carousel in both directions – the direction of the swipe changes.

The step-by-step instructions for navigation in the stationary version of the messenger are not too different:

  • log into your Instagram profile;
  • scroll the Feed until the dotted photo appears;
  • click on the arrow icon located to the right of the first slider photo;
  • click on the left arrow if you want to move to the previous snapshot.

How to make an Instagram carousel? Here are some ideas that will come in handy when designing a carousel. This is in case you didn’t know that this is done on our own J:

  • sequence relevant for detailed life hacks in the “before and after” format;
  • panoramic display when post is split into three;
  • long storytelling inherent in footage longer than 60 seconds (the clip is divided into chunks and placed like a slider);
  • showing product design from different angles;
  • display top lists.

Before you start adding content to the Feed, make sure you have the necessary sources in the memory card of your mobile device. Text accompaniment and tags are common for the whole carousel and are not flipped with the photos. [Sc name=”citat-close”]

When the user posts content of this format, the following functions are available:

  • apply filtering to images;
  • editing colors;
  • adjust slider resolution.

From computer

Publication of materials by means of a PC is realized through applications or online services. A well-known site for uploading a slider to a social network account is called Smmplaner.com. The specified source allows you to “fill” the content after setting the problem. So, we describe how to create a carousel on Instagram through a scheduled posting portal:

  • start Smmplaner.com;
  • complete your profile by clicking on the sign “Register”;
  • click the rectangle containing the word “Get Started”;
  • open the “Accounts” section;
  • check Instagram and open Posts;
  • click “Schedule Post”;
  • select “Photo /Video”;
  • enter a description;
  • define the date and time of publication;
  • click OK.

The leader among software for working with Insta Postingram opens up the possibility of adding content from a computer. Users can filter images and special effects. For the application to work, download, create an account, connect and confirm your social network profile.

From phone

Let’s start creating a carousel using the official client:

  • tap on the plus sign in the center of the frame below;
  • tap Multiple Select (overlapping squares icon);
  • specify in the Gallery of the mobile gadget the files that will go to the slider;

If you intend to change the order of the elements, do it before you made the carousel on Instagram and upload it. After all, after publication, you cannot correct the sequence of photos. A long tap on the picture allows you to drag left and right in search of a convenient relative position of the slider parts.

  • click Next;
  • there are two things to consider when working with the filter:
    • by default the named option applies to all images;
    • to edit a single position, tap the icon at the bottom left;
  • check next again and include description, hashtags and geolocation;
  • click the Share button.

Inserting a title photo is actively exploited by Instagram contributors with commercial interests. The popular “before and after” format implies that the main (first) picture, which is displayed in the Ribbon, is first “filed”. Then bloggers post a description where they write “Continuation in the carousel”.

On the slider restrictions:

  • the maximum number of photos in one post is 10;
  • after placement in the Ribbon there is no possibility to add or remove individual elements;
  • the only post-publish editing options are filter and text editing.

We figured out how to make a carousel on Instagram. Now about the moment related to adding text to the slider itself. This is done in an unambiguous way – first, a note is written, after which a screenshot is taken.

“Filled” text in the form of pictures will not get lost in the heap of followers’ responses and save space on the screen. Before posting a photo with descriptions, take care of a font that is comfortable for readers.

This content placement format is appropriate in the following cases:

  • publication of short news and educational notes that have not reached the level of 2 thousand characters;
  • clarification of the principles of conducting competitive competitions;
  • Create polls asking you to mark your preferred winner in post discussions.

When designing regular publications, it is not possible to create a description under each photo included in the slider. But things change when a person applies an ad format using Ads Manager, developed by Facebook.

Stores promoting goods on a social platform actively use this advantage of the interface. Before creating a carousel on Instagram, specify the goal that you intend to achieve with the campaign and customize your ad. To create an advertisement:

  • in Ads Manager, select the advertising section in the left block;
  • add information that represents the promoted organization;
  • choose a layout for your post;

Stories are compatible with the first two formats shown in the screenshot.

  • mark images and videos to be streamed;
  • type your text;
  • add hashtags where subscribers can find a product review;
  • the last step is to submit the generated content for moderation.
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