Your text message could not be delivered in Telegram: problem solution

Messages in the Telegram not reaching? It’s nice when modern technologies allow you to be in touch with family and friends at any time of the day. Telegram users are enterprising people with an active lifestyle. They want to receive notifications about messages on time and, accordingly, to be sure that their “messages” reach the addressee on time, almost instantly, not in a distorted form. Information quickly becomes outdated, and there is a lot to share.

But even such a seemingly reliable, stable messenger periodically malfunctions and malfunctions: it happens that messages in Telegram do not arrive. However, any large application, any platform that passes through a colossal amount of data every day, cannot do without it. Therefore, an advanced user of a social network must know how to cope with such a misunderstanding in order to continue the communication process without obstacles, because this is not a primitive exchange of text messages, but a full-fledged dialogue consisting of photos, video messages, video calls and much more. Moreover, it is not difficult. To be able to get rid of bugs, you first need to figure out what are the reasons for their appearance. In this article we will talk about them.

Reasons why rejections occur

All problems related to sending private messages in Telegram have something in common with failures in the specified program algorithms. The messenger “protects” the users registered in it from the abundance of intrusive viral advertisements and spam that are swarming with the Internet. It can be assumed that your interlocutor is too active (and of the same type) communicating with friends, acquaintances, which is why the system mistakenly mistook him for a bot or a spammer.

The point is that the Telegram settings for detecting spam mailings have a fairly strict structure that does not tolerate deviations from the rules. Therefore, a living person is identified as a bot. This is followed by blocking, refusals to send a message. The specific interlocutor must add you to the list of contacts: this measure will “soften” the Telegram rating, and you will begin to receive messages from this person. In case of urgent need, the dialogue and contact can be deleted in a couple of seconds.

Also try to remember if you have had conflicts with your interlocutor in the distant past. Perhaps you blacklisted him in the Telegram and forgot about it over time (since real communication is perceived to us as the primary, most multifaceted). You can check this fact yourself:

  • go to the application, section “Settings”;
  • looking at the “Privacy and Security” aspect;
  • looking for a person in the “Blocked Users” list.

If he is among other “unwanted” people, hurry up to unblock the user and continue to be more careful: ignorance of the basic principles and rules of the platform makes communication difficult.

Background of the problem

A message sent by a participant in the dialog is considered delivered if a check mark appears next to it. Its absence signals that the user is blacklisted (and, on the contrary, two check marks indicate that the addressee not only received, but also read the message). As soon as the user leaves the blacklist, the program will immediately let him know about this circumstance.

Telegram complies with a number of conventions and strict rules, which is openly announced on the messenger’s website.

In particular, if you are trying to send to a third party the entire history of correspondence with another person, you will not be able to do this: the platform will start blocking the sending of messages to protect the rights of an individual. To get out of a difficult situation, you can send your opponent not messages, but their screenshots (or abandon an unsuccessful idea altogether so as not to distribute other people’s data).

And Telegram will not display in the message those photos that you wanted to “drag” from Facebook through a link to this social network. Perhaps these are all possible reasons due to the internal order, the messenger device. If none of them suits your case, write an appeal to technical support with a complaint. There they will tell you about possible mistakes on your part and help you fix them as soon as possible.

Technical issue

Messages in the modern sense are not only textual components. Telegram provides an excellent opportunity to exchange files of all types. Recording a video, voice message, attaching a large document, stickers, photos – everything is available to users and makes Telegram a universal platform that combines the features of a standard messenger, a large file hosting service, a social network and a blog.

In this regard, active users often have difficulty in sending the designated files. In this case, you need to check not only the factors mentioned above, but also to make sure: the device from which you are using Telegram is working correctly, properly.

What to do if Telegram does not receive messages: problem solution

  1. Go to the settings section on your smartphone. See if the program has access to items such as “Contacts”, “Photos”, “Microphone”, “Camera”, “Content update”, “Cellular data”. If not, click the Allow Access button and try sending a message to the person.
  2. There are times when the download fails due to a large file size. Third-party resources will come to the rescue: for example, to download a long video, you can use the YouTube platform designed for such purposes, and then drop the link to Telegram. In this case, the addressee will be able to freely download the sent video.
  3. Common complaint: the messenger delivers messages, but notifications arrive late or don’t arrive at all. This is extremely inconvenient, because the user is forced to skip relevant information, to lose vital information. The problem is solved in a similar way: open “Settings” and select the “Notifications” section. We connect them (in the form of a banner or warning). There you can also configure the sound with which news from family and friends will come.
  4. A small digression: as for the Telegram itself, it allows you to choose a signal that you like by ear, and also provides the ability to hide the message text that appears on the lock screen of your smartphone so that strangers cannot be aware of your privacy. If you have nothing to hide, the text will start to appear systematically immediately, without going to the application: this is even convenient.
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