Where are messages on Instagram desktop

Where are my messages on Instagram desktop? Despite the fact that Instagram was created as a social network for posting photos and short (up to 60 seconds) videos in the publication, constant upgrades have added a number of different functions that were not originally available. Of which:

  • is very handy for bloggers and online stores. With it, you can recommend your service or product, communicate with subscribers, send them new publications and stories.
  • Increasing the popularity of the page through direct mailings, personal messages.
  • Conducting interactive events in stories – quizzes with one correct answer, polls, questions to subscribers.
  • Live broadcasts through the front camera of the smartphone. Stream yourself live, subscribers will watch you. Read the chat and interact with the audience.

The popularity is growing, the number of registered users has already exceeded 1 billion, and the social network is actively used by 600-700 million people monthly. To increase their popularity, bloggers often decide to send mailings via direct. The most convenient way to do this is with a personal computer. The question arises, where is the direct in instagram on the computer? Let’s try to figure out the nuances of this question.

Where is the Instagram direct on your computer and laptop?

Since Instagram was originally designed to be used through the official mobile application, most of the functionality is missing in the browser version of the social network on a personal computer. Here’s what you can do with the PC version:

  • See photos, videos and stories,
  • Watch videos on IGTV,
  • Search users, celebrities in search,
  • Subscribe to accounts, unsubscribe from them,
  • Like posts, comment on them and discuss with others,
  • View saved photos.

As you can see, it was not included in this list. Therefore, questions about it disappear – in the usual browser version there is no standard possibility to correspond. The browser is unable to download and edit publications.

But you can run the directive on your smartphone. To do this:

  • Open the official Instagram app,
  • Click on the airplane icon (or bird, as anyone) in the upper right corner on the main page,
  • All dialogs will be open, select the one you want or start a new one.

At any time you can write a message to your subscriber, subscription or friend.

You can also open messages by swiping left on the home screen.

Where is the direct button on the computer?

As we have already found out, the messenger is not available on the computer or laptop and, accordingly, the button is also missing. Therefore, you won’t be able to log in from your computer.

How to view a direct from a computer?

Install the ability to correspond in insta using a PC. There are several working ways.

  • Download and install the official Instagram app from the official Microsoft Store. The Play Market mobile service is an analogue of this service. The service is not as refined as the official mobile application, and works only on Windows. You can enter the application for a PC using your login and password from the insta.
  • You can get to the full-fledged one if you install an emulator of the Android operating system on your device. Example – Bluestacks 4. Disadvantage – the second operating system will require additional resources and processing power. If the laptop is weak, it may lag.
  • Installing extensions and using online services. However, it is not entirely safe to leave data and enter through services online, especially to open a page, because data can be stolen.

In these cases, not only correspondence will open. But other possibilities will appear. The best option is the official Instagram from the Microsoft Store. There you can write messages to each other and edit photos.

How to find the directive on your computer

After you install Instagram from the Microsoft Store, sign in to it. The function will be available on the main page. The user can use other functionality of the social network.

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