Who has the most Instagram followers in Russia for 2020

Who has the most Instagram followers in Russia? At first, users may think that “purebred” bloggers are in the lead. However, this is not so – representatives of show business confidently hold the palm. Therefore, the article includes the star rating of the members of the social network.

So, let’s list who managed to reach the top:

  • Olga Buzova is the presenter who, according to the latest data, has collected the most subscriptions. The outrageous celebrity gained the loyalty of 19.6 million Instagrammers. The TV personality’s account is now replete with calculations of achievements in the field of creativity. Buzova also “sips” the moments of everyday life and advertising of sites, yoghurts and the beauty industry;
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov is a photo hosting star among lightweight athletes. The fighter with 18.7 million followers is focused on mixed martial arts. Periodically shares a “prize” place with Olga Buzova. This person’s account is dedicated to posting fan photos and comments. When he fought with Conor McGregor, he gained more fame among avid users of the photo network;
  • Timati is a popular rap musician. Holds a confident third place in the top subscribers on Instagram in Russia (14.7 million). The 2000s were marked by the beginning of the performer’s career – the start took place from the “Star Factory”. Timur Yunusov (the real name of the singer) is the owner of the Black Star production company, from under whose wing the creations of Russian musicians came out. The star also posts excerpts from recordings of people who collaborate with the label;
  • Nastya Ivleeva is a TV presenter known for the “Heads and Tails” program. In addition, she publishes exciting excerpts from the film of her own life. J Nastya managed to reach 14.5 million followers. A popular member of the social platform claims that she is on the same humorous wave with other Instagram users;
  • Pavel Volya is a leading member of the Comedy Club. Among the residents of the project, he achieved the largest army of social network subscribers. The owner of a follower base of 13.9 million has created a stand up, constantly posts short recordings of live performances. Backstages also pamper users. A fan of travel, together with his wife Laysan Utyasheva, who devotes time to rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Ksenia Borodina is a TV presenter of the once-rated Dom-2 program, a frequenter of TV shows. A member of the top subscribers on Instagram in Russia, Ksyusha tried herself in the acting field. Has gained 13.9 million fans, closing the gap between Pavel Volya’s profile and her own page. Post TV program videos, text descriptions, and personal posts to your account. Engaged in advertising brands of clothing, beauty industry and tattoo;
  • Irina Shayk is a fashion model who met Cristiano Ronaldo in the old days. Has 13.3 million fans and good looks. J She starred in four films, including The Run (NFS auto racing cycle). Has friendly relations with world designers Donatelo Versace and Ricardo Tisci. Irina posts backstages and professional shots in her account;
  • Huseyn Hasanov is the only one from the Runet blogging party who entered the top celebrity Instagram. Today, 13.1 million users are subscribed to Huseyn. A performance in KVN, the “Man – Blogger of the Year” award, the release of songs and filming in a video are also the achievements of the person who appeared on Insta. He was known as a candidate for participation in the television program “Bachelor” (season 7);
  • TNT – the channel’s profile is in the top of subscribers on Instagram. In Russia and abroad, the number of fans at the time of writing is 12.9 million. The authors of the media page post announcements of TV shows, series and the best moments of filming;
  • Yegor Creed is a performer, which completes 10 popular favorites of the public. The musician has amassed 11.9 million loyal followers. Participant of the reality show “The Bachelor” (season 6). The account is used for the publication of songs, clips and photo reports of secular meetings.

Who has the most Instagram followers in 2020 in Russia

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The most popular Instagram stars of Russia:rating of 2020

Who has the most Instagram followers in Russia? For 2020, we’ve looked at the top 10 most quoted celebrities. However, the follower base is not the only criterion for forming a list. Various input data can be set as conditions.

Social Blade broadcasts a list of Russian and world celebrities. As we already mentioned, the stars can be not only followers of Insta – memorable accounts are found on such sites as well:

  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Twitch.

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