Why can’t I add a video to Instagram: to my phone and computer

Can’t upload videos to Instagram and why – an error that occurs both on personal computers and mobile devices. Due to the rapid growth of the social network, the developers managed to release many updates and continue to release them to this day, which affects the functionality of the service. Previously, users could upload videos no longer than 15 seconds. Now it is possible to share media files up to a minute in length, as well as use the additional igtv service. As a result of this, additional problems with video loading appeared. How do you fix them? More on this below.

Why it gives an error when uploading videos to Instagram

An error while loading a media file can be caused by a number of reasons:

slow or poor quality internet connection or failure;

  • old version of the application;
  • outdated installed mobile device OS update;
  • video format is not supported by phone settings.

Other reasons related to the failure of system files on a mobile device can also cause an error when loading Instagram. For example, the presence of a virus that blocks the opening of media files. It is recommended to delete malicious files only using special utilities. You should not try to perform the operation manually. This can damage other system data as well.

Error loading video

may fail when loading video for the following reasons:

poor internet connection quality and speed;

  • outdated OS version to be updated;
  • defects with standard Gallery;
  • outdated version of the photoset;
  • OS does not support application version;
  • problems on the side of the Instagram service;
  • unsupported media download format.

Why can’t I download Instagram videos to my computer

Standard applications installed on the PC do not allow users to radically work with editing media files. The computer OS only allows you to change the appearance of the video. To be successful, you need to make changes to the file itself:

  1. Length and volume. This operation implies adjusting the file data to the parameters required by the social network itself.
  2. Movie shape. The format of the video is also important when uploading it to the photo network. It is necessary to use only those formats supported by the service. Format – mp4, photos and short videos.
  3. Other actions. To import a media file, you need to use modern applications and utilities. Standard Gallery does not allow users to upload videos to social network.

Can’t upload Instagram video to my phone

Importing a media file may not be possible for several reasons. The most common one is a slow internet connection speed or failure to connect to it. In this case, the application cannot support the optimal data transfer process, as a result, the user cannot add a video to Instagram. It is recommended to use the app to check the current speed. For example, Speedtest.

With a normal Internet connection, the error may be related to a malfunction of the mobile device. You can fix the problem by restarting your phone.


The error on Android phones can be caused by the following factors:

  • Device OS version must be at least 4.1.
  • Use third-party media download apps.

Special utilities for video download:

  • Quick is a program that allows you to edit and publish videos.
  • Lomotif – utility functions allow the user to create, write text, edit and submit videos.
  • Flipagram – Same functionality as above apps.

In case of a problem while correcting all errors, it is recommended to contact the service support. You shouldn’t describe the situation like this:“I can’t add a video to Instagram, why?”. It is necessary to describe the error and the situation with all the details and nuances.

For iPhone

Developers regularly release OS updates, which are recommended to be installed in a timely manner to avoid possible errors. To check your phone for updates, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section.
  2. Select the “General” subsection.
  3. Click on “Software Update”.
  4. and install all updates.

After installing all updates on the iPhone, the error will be resolved.

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