Why doesn’t it show Instagram stories:on phone and computer

Here you can find out why Instagram doesn’t show stories. In 2018, instagram received a massive addition – the new Stories feature, which gained great popularity, increased the number of users and diversified the functionality.

What Stories Are Used For

Stories are short videos up to 15 seconds long that disappear from the feed forever 24 hours after publication. The video is created to show the bright moments of life, “unload” the tape from information waste. With the help of stories, they share everyday life, jokes, conversations, leaving only the best and most important posts in the profile.

What to do if Instagram stories are not showing on your phone

From the moment the function appeared, users were faced with the fact that stories were not loaded or disappeared from the social network interface. Learn what to do if Instagram isn’t showing your story. The reason is eliminated with a couple of clicks. The tool does not load for several reasons:

  • old instagram-client;
  • slow internet;
  • old device;
  • invalid system date.

On Android

If the connection is not secure, reboot the device, check the connection. You need 3 or 4 bars displaying the signal quality, the Internet itself is not weaker than 3G. If possible, try posting your post over an open wi-fi network.

On Android OS everything depends on the specific characteristics of the phone, but it is known that very old stories are not displayed.

Legacy client

If the latest updates are not installed, check PlayMarket and update instagram to the latest version. With older (more than a year) versions, there are no stories. It is more useful to download all the proposed updates, so as not to guess, not to look for a specific one. It would not hurt to check the software version as well.

System date

If the year, month, day is incorrect, the service will work with violations. Set the actual number, try again.

On iPhone

Stories are supported on devices with iOS version 7 or higher. To check for updates, go to the AppStore. When it comes to connection speed, restart your iPhone or use the app from other people’s phones.

Saving energy

On Apple, photo and video playback is turned off in battery saver mode. That is, publications and stories will no longer be displayed. If this happens, turn off Power Saving Mode or change the Power Saving settings.


When the device memory is full, social networks like instagram stop loading, not excluding posts and stories. Uninstall unnecessary items via CleanMaster or other memory cleaner apps.

Why doesn’t Instagram show friends stories

There are other reasons why Instagram doesn’t show stories. When friends’ stories don’t work, this may be the case:

  • defective IP address;
  • the camera is broken;
  • phone problem. Often the device itself malfunctions, then repair or replace with a new one.

When this is the case, a professional visit is the rational choice. However, you can either wipe the camera thoroughly or use a vacuum blower to clean it.

Or maybe no glitches. Profiles added to the blacklist do not see stories. Step through each profile you are looking for to find the answer. If a story is published for the close friends list, only the people included in it will see it. Remember that stories are visible 24 hours from publication. When more time has passed, the content disappears forever.


In the web version of Instagram, stories sometimes disappear. Although this happens on ancient Windows systems, with a dozen everything works like on mobile. But with the help of extensions, you can trick the browser. There are many add-ons, popularly Chrome IG Story. It turns a computer version into a phone version:Android, Iphone, Windows Phone. The service looks as shown in the screenshot.

If Windows 10 is running and the tool still doesn’t work, the problem is most likely on a slow internet. For regular violations, contact your provider.

Regardless of the device, the service may lag when loading history. Wait for it to load, the settings will be restored.

It’s about social media

We’ve tried everything, but haven’t figured out why Instagram doesn’t show stories?

Crashes are often not the user’s fault. For example, work is in progress, servers are overloaded or beta testing is on. Then fresh additions to the social network are installed, but due to unverification, they work unreliable. If additional programs for Instagram are downloaded (cheat and others), they also interfere with the main application. Disable them.

Here’s a breakdown of all the popular causes of problems. Now you know what to do if Instagram doesn’t show stories.

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