Why Instagram notifications on iPhone and Android don’t come

Instagram notifications don’t come – why and what to do – a question that every person needs to get an answer to. If no messages are sent, there is no information about new and fresh events in the world and from an individual user, this causes panic. If everything works properly, the person receives warnings about publications, messages and marks. After reading the article, you will find out why there are no notifications. What to do? How to fix the crash quickly?

Instagram notifications stopped receiving:main reasons

Social media functions work well. But there are glitches that are often encountered with alerts. If a problem is noted, but everything is spelled out correctly in the parameter settings, you should check the program and the photo network.

The causes of the problem may be common. First of all, you need to make sure that the required reminders are allowed on the smartphone. Crashes often occur with push notifications. If standard user ignorance is added, errors will automatically appear. If everything is in order with the settings, you can consider other reasons and methods to fix them.

Notifications on Instagram:on my phone

The crash appears on standard smartphones. The elimination option depends on what OS the device is running on and why notifications in Instagram are not received. If you do the right things, you can get the following benefits:

  1. A message about new photos in insta from pages that are in subscriptions.
  2. The program is configured to send notifications about the launch of the live broadcast of the user to which the subscription is installed.
  3. Notifications about the number of likes or replies to posted comments.

In order to arrange the sending of these messages and distribute content, it is worthwhile to follow the scheme typical for one particular OS.

On Android

On android, notifications can be configured twice. Action through a social network is considered the best option. You need to look at the detailed instructions, go to the insta and perform the following actions:

  1. A section with settings opens.
  2. An item with notifications is selected in the menu.
  3. The appropriate settings are made here.

Any activity on the page is then reflected on the device display. The problem can be solved through a phone based on MIUI. It is required to open a tab with settings. Click on All Apps.

Next, you go to the section with messages. One user selects the desired tab, and the insta is configured. You will need to put an active position on the alert settings.

On iPhone

In this case, you need to make at least light manipulations. A user of iPhones 5s, 6, 7 needs to do the following:

  • Open device settings;
  • Next go to the list of applications;
  • Insta is pressed;
  • A section with notification settings is selected;
  • Optimal display type is activated.

If you want to disable SMS, you need to act in a similar way, but in reverse order. This becomes relevant if the profile in the photo network is popular and a large number of messages arrive. If you take the necessary actions, the phone will turn from a sound vibrator again into a communication device.

Why don’t Instagram notifications come in the directive?

The situation when there are no notifications can occur not only when receiving regular notifications, but on android in a directory. It is easy to fix such a defect. The principle of operation is suitable for different smartphones and OS. So that notifications can come to this section, the following manipulations will help a person:

  1. Go to the device settings tab.
  2. The gadget manager is highlighted here.
  3. In the proposed list, you need to find a social network.
  4. The application is activated.
  5. Requires a check mark next to the phrase that turns on the application and starts forwarding messages about posted videos.

If such a manipulation does not give a positive result, it is recommended to check if the option to receive information via push has been enabled. In the absence of the desired total, the user can contact the support service. Experts will advise you to follow certain instructions. It should be strictly followed.

Summing it up

The application is constantly being improved. Despite this, there are some glitches. If the error on instagram is not automatically resolved after the update, you can take certain steps to remove the problem on instagram yourself. To minimize possible problems and resolve the issue, it is necessary to regularly update the application to the latest versions and correctly configure the main parameters.

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