Why Instagram sound doesn’t work on computer

Why is there no sound on Instagram from my computer? Consider the causes and solutions to the problem. Users are focused on the smooth operation of the social network. But troubles are found in Stories, Lenta, IGTV. Therefore, there is a feeling of inferiority of the picture without audio.

Why is there no soundtrack:

  • deactivate computer audio. Enough of a simple increase in volume by scrolling the knob or turning off the “Mute” button;
  • inoperability of the official client push notifications;
  • no playback when viewing the news tab. The program is “sharpened” for the automatic start of videos, but the melody was initially muted on the video. Just touch the speaker icon at the bottom left.

Why the sound disappeared on Instagram in Stories on my computer

Let’s go further, correcting the “jambs” of using stationary equipment J The instructions assume that a sound card is installed by “Realtek”. The device is configured to independently turn on the mixer of two channels. If there is no response from the content, how to turn on the mixer, the problem will go away.

But why doesn’t the sound on Instagram on the computer work after a driver upgrade? Check if the mixer is turned off:

  • click Start;
  • open Control Panel;
  • select Sound;
  • click Record;
  • call the context menu;
  • check the box to display disabled applications;
  • click Stereo Mixer;
  • activate the option by calling the context menu;
  • restart your surfing program;
  • make sure the audio appears on Insta.

Using Google Chrome as an example, we show the method of online browser check:

  • type the command “chrome://settings /content /sound”;
  • check if the top slider works;
  • make sure that the photo hosting is not included in the non grata application group (section “Mute the sound”).

Missing sound in Stories

When adding videos to History, make sure that there is voice acting everywhere. If you “stun” one file, the rest of the content will also “fill” without sound. The technique is valid for telephones and stationary devices.

Before sinning on the social network, check the equipment when using a subwoofer. Turn on the stream of music from two channels so as not to puzzle over why the sound on Instagram does not work:

  • on the computer, launch Audio Manager at the bottom right (system tray, date /time location);
  • use the Stereo preset instead of 5- or 7-channel broadcast;
  • restart the messenger;
  • open the material to test changes.

How to enable sound in Instagram Stories on a computer

What to do when these tips don’t help? Go through the installed component drivers. Bugs in the software can leave blog clips without audio.

Upgrade your PC board drivers. Follow the same procedure for your sound card.

  • open the context menu of the My Computer icon;
  • open Device Manager;
  • remove the red crosses in front of the devices by reinstalling the control software.

What to do if Instagram sound doesn’t work on your computer

The question of inactivity of the sound track when notifications of likes or comments makes the fans of the messenger look for answers. After all, loud notifications allow you to quickly respond to chat or news updates. Let’s see why the sound on Instagram does not work on the computer:

  • open OS Settings;
  • click on “System”;
  • run the “Notifications and Actions” section on the left of the window that opens;
  • make sure the Instagram switch is active.

Open advanced social platform settings:

  • click the silhouette of the man to go to the official client account;
  • click the gear and enter config;
  • click the command for setting push notifications;
  • set the notifications you prefer to receive on the social network.
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