Why the bot in Telegram does not respond to commands

From time to time users encounter situations when a number of Telegram functionality does not work. This can cause serious inconvenience, since the messenger contains a lot of important and convenient helpers. If you notice that the bot is not working in the telegram, first of all try to restart the application. Software malfunctions can be the cause of the crash, which you can easily fix. Agree, if you are used to using such a program, you no longer want to search for information on your own. There are several reasons why this problem might occur.

Reasons for refusal

It is difficult to unambiguously determine why the bot does not respond in the telegram. There are several reasons why this can happen. Statistics show that in the vast majority of cases, programs stop working because of:

  • Errors on the internal messenger service. All Telegram’s work is based on sending program code that is created by a special system. It is processed by the server, after which it sends the plaintext to the user. If a problem occurs somewhere along the channel, the bot may stop working. You cannot solve this problem on your own. You need to wait a bit for the system to function normally again. It usually takes 10-30 minutes.
  • Problems on the bot server. A bot is special human-made software. In order for it to function, special codes and algorithms were once prescribed. If they are violated, the robot begins to work incorrectly or refuses to execute commands at all – the server cannot process the request. In this case, you cannot do anything. It may resume working after a while.
  • Communication problem. This can happen if the Internet is not available on the server or yours. A bot is not a hosting for which a lack of communication is a disaster. A temporary absence of connection does not lead to any consequences. You need to wait until the connection is restored. Check with your provider to make sure the problem is not on your side. If the Internet does not work in your browser, you should definitely call the technical support service.
  • Carrying out technical works. Telegram is a stable and convenient messenger. To ensure fast functionality, program servers require periodic reboots. The bot may get a request for the period of preventive actions. Usually, if the request is not processed because of this, an appropriate message is received. Wait for the work to finish and then proceed with your usual actions.
  • Handling a large volume of requests. Sometimes a bot in a telegram does not respond to commands due to a server reboot. This happens more often with popular pages that have a large audience reach. Persistent requests cannot be processed in 1 second. If this is the case, the answer will come to you later. You can try sending a secondary request to speed up the queue. There you can find out why the problem is happening and how to start the recovery.

Telegram bot does not work

Many users create their own bots in Telegram. Some of them become quite working, quickly spread among the audience and gain popularity.

Untrained users who were able to create a robot according to the algorithm do not know what to do when a problem occurs. The developers recommend adhering to the recommendation:

  1. Write to @Botfather. With its help you can get rid of existing technological problems. If necessary, it will create a new bot with corrected functionality. It works well, and when contacted will send instructions detailing the correct code.
  2. To activate the chat, write “/ setprivacy”. Only this function makes the robot active. Then enter the address of the robot, wait for an answer. He will prepare sections of code with errors and tell you how to fix them.

If you notice that the bot in the telegram does not respond to the start commands, and you need to use the system quickly, be careful. There are many fake pages on the network, the use of which can harm the device. They can lure secret data, access to bank cards and more. Be extremely careful when using new robots.

To distinguish a fake from the original, just look at the system address. All bots start with a doggy icon.

It is best to use Telegram from a mobile device – internal add-ons prevent malware from harming you.

Telegram bot does not respond to commands

If you notice that Telegram is working, but the bot for some reason does not respond to commands, you should write to the technical support service. Take into account, they answer for a long time – a small number of employees provide the messenger all over the world. If you are the creator of the bot and it stopped working, the problem is a bug in the code. If you don’t have the right skills, it’s best to have a professional fix it. Any mistake can completely kill the system. If the system fails to function on multiple devices, there may be a problem with the Internet connection.

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