You can no longer pay in shops with Google Pay

If you can no longer pay through google pay, then there are good reasons. The service itself has become popular on the Internet. It appeared 2 years ago and is used by many to pay for purchases in the network and in stores. This feature allows you to pay contactlessly using your Android smartphone.

It’s unpleasant when I’ve already chosen the right thing, I’m ready to pay and start using it, and an error doesn’t allow me to get what I want. In this article, we will understand the causes and consider how to solve the problem.

Google pay you can no longer pay

Recently, users began to face the problem that does not allow paying on the Internet and the Google Pay application using this service. A message from the system appears, which blocks all further actions. It’s not clear what to do.

Before use, you must attach a bank card. The service provides for the attachment of travel and discount cards to facilitate the daily life of people. This function works only on smartphones that have an android operating system.

The correct operation of this service depends on:

  • Phone firmware versions. It should be the last;
  • Built-in NFC chip;
  • The ability to pay in a specific country;
  • The smartphone model should be listed on Google;
  • Developer mode is not activated.

In shops

With google pay, you can pay for purchases offline using contactless payment. When trying to pay in a store, users often began to receive a message: “You can no longer pay in stores using google pay.” This means that there are problems or problems that can be corrected.

Below we will analyze the reasons for the appearance of this message and consider ways to help fix the situation.

Why does this error occur?

The google pay service is capricious, so the slightest flaw can disable the ability to work with the system. Common reasons:

  1. Payment settings, cards, etc. are lost and need to be set up again;
  2. Failure of the NFC module, malfunction;
  3. Root rights on a smartphone or custom firmware that differs from the standard one;
  4. Viruses.

There is a possibility of an error appearing after a global update certified by the manufacturer. There may be shortcomings that can affect the proper operation of the payment system. More often, such shortcomings began to appear after the fourth update of the 9th version of the android firmware.

The problem arose among users who downloaded special utilities that hide modified firmware. We tried to deceive the system. It doesn’t always work.

It is important to remember that the service works with personal accounts and cards. At the slightest suspicion or mistrust, the application will not let you use it. This is for your financial security.

What to do?

The message “you can no longer pay through google pay” in 9 out of 10 cases occurs on smartphones with root-rights, allowing you to use the full functionality of the OS. The owners of Chinese smartphones of the brands Xiaomi (xiaomi mi8), Huawei and Honor are more often faced with an error. To get rid of the problem, you need to return to the default settings.

In the event that you do not want to give up such a range of possibilities, you can install the Magisk application. It will help to disguise your use of such functionality. First, install TeamWin Recovery and make sure that all options in the magisk are active.

In the event that ctsProfile is not active, then install the appropriate patch, which can be downloaded on the Internet. Restart Magisk. by all actions, block the bootloader and disable developer mode.

There is a possibility that you have not activated the NFC function in the smartphone settings. Check it before using google to avoid errors and crashes

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